Nominations in April 2022

A warm welcome to Huld Tony, Mikko, Vasily, Samuel, Riikka, Kalle, Micko, Panu, Joona, Harri & Oleksandr!

Tony Stoor, Senior Hardware Designer, Tampere, 25.4.2022
Mikko Leppäniemi, Mechanical Designer, Jyväskylä, 25.4.2022
Vasily Turchenko, Software Designer,  Espoo, 15.4.2022
Samuel Asiedu, Consultant, Espoo, 15.4.2022
Riikka Juusti, Mechanical Designer, Oulu, 11.4.2022
Kalle Lyttinen, Software Designer, Oulu, 4.4.2022
Micko Castrén, System Administrator, Espoo, 4.4.2022
Panu Broman, Software Designer, Tampere, 4.4.2022
Joona Kontula, Software Designer, Espoo, 1.4.2022
Harri Keski-Karhu, Senior Electrical Designer, Seinäjoki, 1.4.2022
Oleksandr Lushchykov, Software Designer, Prague, 22.3.2022

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Whether conquering space, reshaping consumer behavior, or innovating in forest industry, we take on every project with pioneering thinking, technology, and design. Our values, humane and bold, are guiding our way of working. We unleash the best that the physical and digital world can offer. We are the boldest technology and design house in the galaxy.

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