Nominations in October

Welcome to the House of Great Minds Tomas, Pyry, Lauri, Jaakko, Karipireddy, Noe, Mahdi, Andrey, Tapani, Zoltan & Marko!

Tomas Cinert, Senior Software Designer, Espoo, 1.10.2021
Pyry Leppälä, Software Designer, Tampere, 1.10.2021
Lauri Kaartinen, UX/UI Designer, Jyväskylä, 1.10.2021
Jaakko Mäntylä, Software Designer, Tampere, 1.10.2021
Karipireddy Reddy, Functional Safety Expert, Espoo, 4.10.2021
Noe Anttonen, Visual Documentation Specialist, Espoo, 4.10.2021
Mahdi Ghaderi,  Structural Analyst, Espoo, 4.10.2021
Andrey Opalev, Software Designer, Espoo, 11.10.2021
Tapani Anttila, Senior Hardware Designer, Kokkola, 11.10.2021
Zoltan Gere, Software Designer, Espoo, 18.10.2021
Marko Sinisalo, System Administrator, Jyväskylä, 21.10.2021

Huld is a technology design house. We bring more intelligence to our customers’ business – and to the entire world. We navigate smoothly between the physical and digital, and combine them in a creative way. We offer an internationally unique combination of software and product development expertise. With us, you build intelligent solutions that last for tomorrow – and beyond that.

Huld has nowadays over 450 passionate employees working with design, product and software development. We are always looking for visionary and ambitious professionals who work with passion and care about the world around us.

Sounds good? Join our house of great minds!

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