Nominations in September 2023

Welcome to Huld Olli, Juho, Manu, Sami, Veikko, and Juho!

Olli Rajala, Consultant, Vaasa

Juho Kuupakko, Structural Analyst, Tampere

Juho Korhonen, Mechanical Designer, Hyvinkää

Manu Koski, Mechanical Designer, Seinäjoki

Sami Harju, Senior Software Designer, Tampere

Veikko Niskanen, Mechanical Designer, Tampere

Huld – Bold Ideas with Humane Touch

We are a technology and design house full of independent thinkers and keen learners with humane hearts and bold attitudes.

Whether conquering space, reshaping consumer behavior, or innovating in forest industry, we take on every project with pioneering thinking, technology, and design.

Our doors are always open for humane and bold professionals. Check out our open positions here.