Pavla Jindráková started as the Site Manager in Prague

Prague’s new Site Manager Pavla Jindráková started in her new role in November 2020.

Pavla is an enthusiastic professional and her overall work history includes more than 10 years’ experience with working on softwares. Pavla is already familiar for Czech’ Huldians because she has been working at Huld already 3 years in various different software projects as a project manager and software engineer.

She has studied Geodesy and Cartography with a specialization in astronomical, cosmic and physical geodesy. Before joining Huld she has been engaged in research for several years in Czech Technical University and Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography.

In her spare time, she enjoys challenging her mind with cryptographic games and puzzles. Brain work is counterbalanced by family time with her two children and a husband.

“We have wonderful colleagues at Huld. It’s great to be able to lead the growth of Czech offices”, Pavla commented.