Student Evening at Huld – 24.11.2022

A group of Huldians decided to prepare something very special for the student community in Helsinki area. We are pleased to invite you for the Student Evening at Huld!

What’s this event about?

You will have a chance to know better what Huld works for and grow your own professional network. Huldians will also hold interesting presentations about their work and projects. If you are interested to see how the space industry works, or how embedded systems support our daily life, you don’t want to miss this!

After the official part feel free to stay with us for a board game night and some pizzas and beverages. Please bear in mind that the registration for the event is mandatory, and we have limited number of spots available. Students that are part of Student Guils that Huld cooperates have the priority with bookings. Reserve your seat here!

What? Student Evening at Huld
For who? Students
When? November 24th 2022, 17:00-22:00
Where? Huld’s headquarter: Keilasatama 5, 7th floor, Espoo


17:00 Opening the doors + Networking
17:30 What is Huld about? Riku Rennicke, Director of Embedded Solutions Center of Excellence, Huld Oy
18:00 Brake: 10 min
18:10 Sessions round I
18:40 Brake 10 min
18:50 Sessions round II
19:20 Brake 10 min
19:30 Sessions round III
20:00 Networking & Board Games & Pizza

During the evening we will have several presentations about specific topics for smaller groups. Each participant will be able to take part in 3 sessions – please select your preferable topics during registration.

Presentation Topics

On-Board Software Development for Space Missions

Abstract: Introduction to the data handling subsystems for spacecrafts. Overview of the subsystem is given from the mission operations viewpoint, with hardware and software architectures presented. The software development process is further discussed.

Presenter: Nemanja Jovanovic is a space technology expert experienced on both hardware and software of various satellite systems, from sun sensors to CubeSats, with a focus on attitude systems. Greatest strengths are in developing software for embedded and automation systems.

Satellite data ground processing

Abstract: Introduction to the satellite data processing projects in general and particularly the Sentinel-5 L1bPP project. Huld is currently working on several satellite data processing projects for customers such as ESA, EUMETSAT, Thales and Airbus. The software developed in these projects is used for processing large datasets that have been downlinked from satellites to earth. A wide set of skills, such as understanding of some physics, mathematics, electronics, software engineering and data science, is often useful in these projects.

Presenter: Jouko Kalmari is a Doctor of Science in Automation and Systems Technology from Aalto University. Jouko has worked at Huld since 2015 as a software engineer, data scientist, design lead and project manager in different space and industrial projects.

Next generation probe – water/oil interface level measurement

Abstract: Overview of the design process of the system that performs electrical impedance tomography for liquid/gas storage tanks and related infrastructure to detect liquid and gas interfaces. The main components of the software are presented and the challenges in the development process are discussed.

Presenter: Aleksander Debowski is a former mechanical engineer who decided to change his path and move to embedded software development. He started working at Huld in May this year as a trainee and continued after summer as a full time employee. At the same time he studies Embedded Systems in University of Turku.

Machine Learning in Visual GNSS-free Navigation for UAVs

Abstract: Why GPS cannot always be relied upon and how can you make it redundant with vision? Introduction to challenges of absolute visual localization and navigation for UAVs and how has Huld been trying to solve them using a combination of machine learning and classical computer vision.

Presenter: Martin Roznovjak is a software designer experienced in solving computer vision and data science problems. He has been working on UAV visual self-localization for over 2 years but still thinks GPS is great.


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