Kerralla saves the information management resources of Sosteri’s hospital

The experts of Huld and the East Savo Hospital District (Sosteri) have together implemented the Kerralla solution that helps the information management of the hospital to manage the applications displayed on user desktops in a centralised fashion. Kerralla enhances the information management work of hospital districts by clarifying the role-based user management and speeding up the daily activities of the users. Sosteri had a solution similar to Kerralla in use in the past, but when its maintenance was discontinued, a replacement solution was needed.

As no similar solution was found, we asked Huld’s experts to develop a solution based on our wishes, says Sosteri’s Senior Designer Tero Taivainen.

Signing in on the computer is now quicker than before

Information management defines and publishes applications for the users based on their roles in a centralised fashion through a management application. The users will gain access to applications through the desktop application based on their user role. Signing in on the computer and using the applications are quick when the service includes all the necessary applications at the same time. If the E-SSO single sign in system is in use, all applications can be signed in at one go without a username or password by clicking on an icon. According to Tero Taivainen, users especially appreciate the quickness of the system. Kerralla enables quicker signing in than icons controlled through AD’s group practices.

“It is excellent that software opens from the same start-up view through a single sign on. I don’t want to imagine a morning when I would need to open each software separately”, says Head of the Paediatric Department Maija Tuominen.

In Maija Tuominen’s view, the benefits of the E-SSO single sign in system and Kerralla are best visible in a situation in which some of the software start to request passwords in connection to an update.

Updating the applications and new features is easy

All application settings and updates can be implemented easily and updated to the users through the Kerralla solution. At the same time, the usage log of the system produces data on the use of the applications, enhances the use of the licences, and enables auditing the operations. The solution can be easily modified to customer needs and further development ideas are worked on together. In previous updates, RSS feeds of the intranet, email, and Skype were integrated with Kerralla.

“The benefits are enhanced by new features, such as combining email and RSS feeds of the intranet. The user sees everything at one glance without having to open each the software separately”, says Taivainen with satisfaction.

The results of the development work also create new opportunities for the communication of information management. The new quick bulleting feature enables reaching the users easily and notifying the users of e.g. operational disruptions and exceptional arrangements.

Now internal news are displayed more prominently, whilst in the past there was not always time to browse them, says Tuominen.

Knowledge in the social and health care sector and customer-oriented operations are praised

Taivainen has been satisfied with the cooperation with the experts working in the project and also praises their agile and customer-oriented approach.

The experts of the project have been very agile, flexible, and quick in their work, compared to the experts of other companies. They are very customer-oriented and are familiar with the needs of the social and healthcare sector. Users cannot access software if Kerralla is not working, meaning that the solution is critical to our operations”, explains Tero Taivainen.

Taivainen says that the start-up project did not feel like a major project either. He would rather call it the adoption of the operating environment. “Once the software used at the organisation is included in the Kerralla solution, operating practices are unified, making Kerralla the only supported means to act. At the moment, Kerralla is a vital solution for Sosteri.”