User-Friendly Technical Documentation for Vallox

Vallox and Huld started their cooperation over five years ago, when Vallox introduced its new generation of ventilation units, MyVallox. Now, the MyVallox series has been completed with structural and user-friendly technical documentation. 

MyVallox ventilation units can be controlled at the client’s home, either by using the control that comes with the unit or via a connection to the client’s home network, or remotely with the easy-to-use browser based MyVallox Cloud service. All installation and user manuals are also available in the company’s cloud service as well as on Vallox’ homepage. This enables the company to meet the needs of modern users and satisfy their predilections when looking for and utilizing product information.

Digital Instructions Online

Before Vallox’ cooperation with Huld, the company had its documentation only on paper. Huld digitized the documentation, and now all installation and user manuals can easily be found online. In addition, updates on the documentation have become more effective. All installation and user manuals have also been produced in printed versions.

“With Huld, our documentation editorial processes have become significantly faster and more agile. For example, Huld worked in close collaboration with our translation agency, which enabled us to concentrate on other business matters”, says Elina Paavilainen, Vallox Chief of Marketing. 

Structural Documentation and High-Quality Contents

The technical documentation Huld designed for Vallox is structural. This means that same contents are applied in several places in the documentation. The contents are represented in thematic entities, which makes it easier to control and publish any separate theme parts. Same structural contents can thus be used flexibly in several sections of the document.

In addition to the technical aspects, it is nevertheless always important to make sure that the contents are of high quality. When producing instructional manuals, it is important to think about the end users. How are these installation and user manuals used, and by whom?

Our technical documentation designed by Huld is very user-friendly. Huld has really thought about our customers who read these instructions and taken them into consideration. Our online Webhelp is easy-to-use, and the paper version is clear and well made, Paavilainen says.

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