Blastman Robotics’ Tailored Blast Cleaning Systems

“Due to several customer projects, the lack of resources was quickly corrected when Huld’s mechanical design expert joined our product development team. We have completed many projects together with Huld’s professional and self-directed expert.” Teemu Kallio, Engineering Manager, Blastman Robotics. 

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Blastman Robotics  is an innovator and supplier of advanced blast cleaning technology. With 40 years of experience, automated blast cleaning systems are created for customers around the world to do the work that Blastman Robotics says no humans are needed. 

Blastman Robotics’ automated blast cleaning systems are the choice of an increasing number of customers. Growing demand raised the need for additional hands, which Huld had to offer. Close cooperation in mechanical design has continued for a long time. 

Customizable Mechanical Design 

Automating blast cleaning makes cleaning work both more efficient and safer. In addition, Blastman Robotics’ systems are customized to meet each customer’s individual needs. An automated blast cleaning system has many moving parts that must be carefully considered in mechanical design. When it comes to tailoring, overall management is important. 

When customizing the blast cleaning systems, special attention must be paid to space management and technology. For example, calculating and harmonizing the trajectories of different parts is a prerequisite for a functional product, because everything must work together in a three-dimensional space. This is what we can do with mechanical design.” – Osku Luoma, Senior Mechanical Designer, Huld. 

Outsourced Expertise to Support Growth 

Thanks to the outsourced expertise, Blastman Robotics have been able to keep the delivery schedules and the list of satisfied customers continues to grow. The long-term collaboration has resulted in a lasting partnership, during which Blastman Robotics’ products and operating methods have become familiar. 

Huld’s expert was already familiar with robot design thanks to our previous collaboration, so the orientation time was quick, and we were able to start working right away. The collaboration has been smooth and Huld’s expert stood up for our own experts even during the holidays. In addition, everything has been handled completely remotely.Teemu Kallio, Engineering Manager, Blastman Robotics.