Buildie’s Mobile Service Brings Construction Documentation Up to Date

“We have been cooperating with Huld’s experts for a long time while developing our Buildie mobile service. Huld’s experts have state-of-the-art mobile skills, and our cooperation has run very smoothly. I can recommend cooperation with Huld without reservation.” Petri Saarinen, CTO, Buildie

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Buildie is the easiest-to-use project bank available on the market. The system is operated with a mobile device and a web browser. Site journals, photos and safety measures – Buildie stores everything you need for a clear and concise documentation on a construction site.

Efficiency and Quality Control for Construction Sites

Buildie is a mobile service designed for documentation and quality control on construction sites. It is a handy tool for following up with the progress of construction work. The service is fast and it can also be used remotely. Thus, eventual shortcomings can be dealt with in time, before they cause extra costs.

The easy-to-use mobile application is an example of how old, deeply-rooted practices are updated and replaced with more effective ones, leading to more high-quality constructions that genuinely meet the customer’s requirements. Buildie is a leading star in its branch, showing how digital services can be implemented in practice.

Roughing It – Reliability in Challenging Conditions

The goal with Buildie was to build a mobile service that enables documentation of the hands-on work done on construction sites. With the help of the service, the quality of the work can be ensured at a later date without time-consuming paper work or repeated visits to the actual site.

An extra challenge for the development was posed by the fact that photos and documents were to be saved and preserved while working in tunnels deep down under ground level, where there is no coverage. Buildie was aiming for international markets already from the start. Therefore, it was necessary to consider special international demands when developing the mobile service.

Buildie Provides Easy and Fast Documentation

Buildie’s mobile service gives the developer a possibility to require extensive documentation on-site, and to supervise the quality of the work done, one work phase at a time. Work quality is assured as the developer is constantly aware of what is happening on the site.

The new mobile service has already modernized the construction sector in a short time. The application can for example be used to extensively document all the different phases in a construction process with photographs, which enables the building developer to see how the work is completed in each individual phase. Consequently, it is possible to intervene with eventual shortcomings in time, and all necessary paper work is deftly replaced with a mobile device in one’s own pocket.

Developing the Entire Digital Business is Central in Cooperation

We have taken part in Buildie’s journey from the very beginning. Even though the challenges posed by this startup were obvious, we saw the potential in the project and wanted to offer our technical expertise and consultation help in developing both the mobile service and the business. In addition to developing the mobile service, we have taken part in improving the application development and its processes. Automating the distribution with CI/CD tools is one example of this.

By showing the way, providing technical consultation help and developing the daily practices, we have been able to create a flexible and long-term partnership with Buildie.