LOGEX: Geographical analysis for the social and healthcare sector decision makers

“Huld’s expertise in the sector and technology made them a natural choice for us as a partner in the project”, says Marko Holmavuo from LOGEX (previously Prodacapo).

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LOGEX is the leading European supplier of solutions designed for cost accounting and the measuring of value-based performance in the social and healthcare sector. The Group’s headquarters are located in Amsterdam. In addition to the Netherlands and Finland, the group operates in Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, and France. Prodacapo Region is an advanced software solution package designed for the regional analytics of service production in the social and healthcare sector. LOGEX has, together with Huld, developed for Prodacapo Region a software solution that is based on the geographical visualisation of information (GIS).

Prodacapo Region is a commercialised solution for the management and planning of the performance of the social and healthcare service network. It enables assessing and developing integrated treatment and service chains / processes within basic healthcare, specialised healthcare, and social services, as well as monitoring their costs and profitability. The database offers key service production data related to the local service network for the needs of constant knowledge-based management, including the volume, quality, costs, and resources.  This enables e.g. the utilisation and spreading of best practices between units, municipalities, or others, and also helps in coordinating the demand and offering of services within the region.

Visualisation and analysis of information on a map

In the challenging operating environment of the social and healthcare sector, better situation awareness and predictability are constantly needed for making decisions. LOGEX wants to offer operators in the social and healthcare sector new modern means for knowledge-based management and for analysing existing data.

The Region GIS plugin (GIS = Geographical Information System) implemented by Huld enables visualising and analysing the data contained in the Prodacapo Region system by using a map-based browser interface. Region GIS can be used to examine and analyse, for example, the cost, customer demography, and diagnostics data related to healthcare services.  The available examination levels include the municipality, postal code zone, population grid, place of activity, and unit. Visualisation enhances the efficiency of information-based decision-making, and also enables examining the interdependency of data. In addition to the Region system, the solution utilises open data, such as the map templates of OpenStreetMap, the population grid material of Statistics Finland, and the open postal code area data of the Paavo database.

“Huld’s expertise in the sector and technology made them a natural choice for us as a partner in the project”, says Marko Holmavuo from LOGEX.

Huld was responsible for the design, implementation, and testing of the Region GIS plugin. GIS Version 1.0 is now complete, and its commencement will start in early 2019.

Huld’s knowledge of the social and healthcare sector supported the cooperation decision

Huld has extensive experience in implementing various location-based visualisation systems based on customer needs. Combined with knowledge in the social and healthcare sector, this expertise enabled quick progress in the creation of the Region GIS extension.

“The GIS extension is an excellent example of a solution that combines Huld’s strong software development expertise and knowledge in the sector. We were able to introduce the solution to our customers quickly and to develop it with them”, says the Business Unit Director Kimmo Kaario from Huld.

Technologies used in Region GIS:

  • Frontend: React 16, Redux, OpenLayers 5
  • Backend: Node, Express, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, pgRouting, GeoServer, NGiNX
  • Testing: Jest, Enzyme
  • Delivery: Docker + Docker Compose