User centered technical documentation for Convion

”A satisfying customer experience and seamless collaboration from our last project made it easy to choose a partner for our next one where the schedule had already been set. Huld was the right choice for us.” – Tuomas Hakala, Co-Founder, Convion.

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Convion is a leading fuel cell system developer concentrating on solid oxide fuel cell systems for producing nearly emission-free energy locally and independently.

Convion’s products are known and used worldwide. As a result of continuous product development, Convion created a next-generation fuel cell system which required clear and easily comprehendible technical documentation. This meant creating documentation for installation guide, user guide and maintenance manual for the end-user.

As Convion does not have a constant need for technical documentation, the service was acquired from Huld. The partnership continued seamlessly as both companies had worked together before on creating documentation for Convion’s previous fuel cell system.

Quality on a schedule

The schedule for the technical documentation of the fuel cell system was fixed. The new product had a precise delivery day by which the written guides and illustrations had to be done. The project started with Huld’s specialists studying the new product with the help of Convion’s engineers.

Weekly meetings were held to address any changes in the documentation. At that point, the product was still going through its final adjustments. These changes had to be added into the documentation on the go. However, the previous project work with Convion provided the team a useful basis on which the new documentation was quick and easy to build.

User centered documentation

Creating comprehendible technical documentation for a solid oxide fuel cell system requires in-depth technical understanding and vision. The installation, use and maintenance of the system had to be made so easy to understand that the clients could independently, efficiently, and safely use and provide maintenance for the system. The documentation focused on clarity and unambiguity, providing clear illustrations and instructions which could later be updated by Convion themselves.

“When documenting a technical product, there is always a delicate challenge to tackle: how to find the right balance between clarity of the instructions and sufficient detail in the technical description. Huld made it work, and we are pleased.” Tuomas Hakala, Co-Founder, Convion.

The new fuel cell systems for delivery

Convion’s next-generation fuel cell system was delivered with high quality technical documentation which was finished on time and costing less than what had been reserved for the budget.

”Our cooperation was open and interactive. The scheduling and predictions were also precise. We are very happy.” Tuomas Hakala, Co-Founder, Convion.