Embedded Solutions

Project Management

All successful projects have one thing in common: great project management. Leadership, communication, resource optimization and risk mitigation are its ingredients.

Project Management Ensures Success

All successful projects need to be managed, no matter if they are ran using Agile methodologies or follow a more traditional model. Good project management reduces cost by optimizing resources, improving productivity and mitigating risks. The key for us is transparency, so that all stakeholders can get the information they need.

We manage your project with a small, efficient team of a project manager and other key persons or steering groups based on your needs. We help you choose the best method for project execution, whether it is a waterfall method, agile method, or their hybrid. We lead our designers and help them succeed by ensuring all needed support.

Requirement management

Understanding customer and legislation requirements comes with every success. The challenge is that they often change during the project. Let our professionals handle your project, have less unpleasant surprises and more quality.

Continuous planning and monitoring

We plan your project well and monitor its execution closely. Combining this with change and risk management, your project has a solid base for continuous improvement.

Customer service and communication

A clear indication of the level of project management is the level of reporting you receive. We keep you tightly in the loop with weekly reports, reducing your energy needed to follow the project.