Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

This year again, Huld is going to support Oulu Pride. Some of our colleagues from Oulu office are going to proudly walk in the parade to support and give courage to those who cannot celebrate.

As an employee of Huld and a proud vice-president of Oulu Pride ry, I’m excited to share with you my story about Oulu Pride and Pride Month itself. For years, I was supporting LGBTQIA+ organizations, in my hometown where I grew up, in few cities in Poland where I used to live, and in Oulu – the city where I settled.

After moving to Finland, I was trying to find an organization, where I could be helpful, and the choice was obvious. I chose Oulu Pride ry, which is an organization, whose main goal is to plan, coordinate, and execute Oulu Pride event. I joined the organization in 2021 as an intern. Year after, I joined the organization as a board member. Back then, I was responsible for fundraising and did close co-operation with the partners of Oulu Pride. This year, as a vice-president of the organization, I became responsible for communication.

The colorful Oulu Pride Week is a perfect occasion to celebrate Diversity and Inclusion and to raise awareness about history and struggles of the LGBTQIA+ movement. The event, besides the parade, includes screenings, workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions, and much more! Oulu Pride usually takes place in the first week of August, a little bit later than the Pride Month.

Why all the fuss about Pride Month?

Pride Month, celebrated internationally in June, is much more than just a celebration. It also serves as a reminder of the continuous struggles of the community. Pride Month can be a great month to raise awareness and unite people.

What can you do to support the cause?

Educate yourself, wear proudly rainbow emblems as a straight ally (such small signs of support can help marginalized people to find those whom they can trust to), become a volunteer, donate to local or international organizations, or simply show your compassion.

Happy Pride month to all of you!


–Kajetan Zelech-Alatarvas (he/him/his)