There’s nothing wrong with you – there’s a lot wrong with the world you live in.

Written by Susanna Pirinen

The quotation in the title is a message to all of us from an actor Chris Colfer, who belongs to LGBTQIA+ community. Pride season is upon us, and it is great that there are monthly themes in which different issues and views are brought up. It is important that people, equality, and diversity are given a voice and space. This makes it possible to change the world for the better for all of us, bit by bit.  

I am a straight, white woman, so why am I talking about Pride? Because I care and I feel that we, who represent the majority, must strive to improve our understanding and ability to meet others halfway, instead of highlighting the contrast between us and pointing out differences. Even though we cannot fully understand what others are going through, because people, especially the majority, always view and experience things differently than the minority. Believe me, I also have experience on the matter – I am, after all, a representative of the gender minority at my own workplace.  

Huld is a workplace for wellbeing, which means, for example, that each individual is equally important and valued as they are, and exactly as they wish to be perceived. At our workplace, you do not need to hide or diminish yourself. At our workplace, there is no reason to be afraid or wonder if you are good enough or accepted. As individuals, we all show boldness to express ourselves in different ways. Our goal is to be a workplace where everyone’s personality and potential gets a chance to become apparent and shine. No one’s human dignity is affected by who we like, how we dress, or what kind of representation we wish to express. No one is better than the other, and no one is more privileged than the other to define what is right or wrong for humanity. In our daily lives, we encounter different opinions, views, and values that relate to humanity, and they can sometimes be very loaded. It is essential that all opinions are given space, as long as we respect and value each other and our humanity.  

For me personally, the objective of this month is, above all, human dignity. That every one of us is equally valued. 

Let us love ourselves and each other.  

Live peacefully, lovingly, and colorfully! 

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