Systematic Product Development Makes Valmet Analyzers and Measuring Instruments Global Market Leaders in Their Sector

“Previous references and design competence – they were most obviously the factors that made us choose Huld as the company to take this new product family’s design and appearance to the date.” Mikko Haapalainen, Technology Manager, AUT R&D AMP, Valmet.

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Valmet celebrated its 50 years in the business of producing analyzers and measuring instruments for the forest industry. Huld’s experts have supported the company’s growth by developing the design and mechanics of several Valmet measuring instruments.

During these past fifty years, Valmet has become the market leader of forest industry analyzers and measuring instruments. The growth is a result of continuous product development and understanding future needs. In well over a dozen years, Valmet has been introducing new views to the product development of various measuring instruments. Our experts have taken part in the planning and design of several products in the Valmet analyzer product family, such as three generations of Valmet Microwave Consistency Measurement (Valmet MCA) analyzers, Valmet Bridge, Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OC), Valmet Blade Consistency Measurement (Valmet SP), and Valmet Retention Measurement (Valmet Rm3), to mention a few.

Previous references and design competence – they were most obviously the factors that made us choose Huld as the company to take this new product family’s design and appearance to the date. For us, it’s important to maintain a uniform product design. Thus, it was only natural to take on Huld’s Iiro Laaksonen, who was familiar to us from previous projects. With just one person responsible for the design, the product family is most likely to have a uniform appearance. We were very satisfied with the work pattern and the final results. Valmet’s needs were also nicely met regarding both technical implementations and the details. This project has given us a very good experience of Huld.” Mikko Haapalainen, Technology Manager, AUT R&D AMP, Valmet.

Valmet MCA + Bridge Valmet OC2r

Product Development Based on Client and User Requirements

Long-term product development and products superior to those of rival companies are the foundations for Valmet’s success. Clients always expect only the very best of a market leader. All products must be carefully finished before their release, so that they meet the high standards set for them.

Analyzing the clients’ interests and user requirements has for several decades been a priority for Valmet. Consequently, product development has also constantly been steered in the right direction. Huld’s industrial and mechanical designers have also contributed in supporting the design of user-friendly devices.

“Usability, user-oriented design, and easy installation and commissioning have been the main guidelines and cornerstones of our product development and design. Several products in the Valmet portfolio, both in the analyzer product family and in other product units, come from the drawing boards of Huld’s industrial and mechanical designers,” says Iiro Laaksonen, one of Huld’s leading designers.

Bridge Operating Terminal Designed by Huld Improves the Usability of Valmet MCA Measuring Device

In their latest project, Huld’s experts carried out the design of the Valmet Bridge user interface terminal. Huld’s experts designed both the modular structure of the product and the cable connection module which enables easier installation and commissioning of the product.

The modular structure makes the installation and commissioning of the product as easy as possible. Modularity also renders the product flexible and suitable for a multitude of purposes. The product casing is made of cast aluminum, which makes it suitable even for most challenging conditions.

Huld’s experts have also taken part in the design of Valmet MCA measuring device. With the new Valmet MCA microwave consistency measurement, pulp and paper makers are able reach a whole new level of product control. Valmet MCA is now provided by digital electronics and the new Direct Sweep Detection measurement to offer higher performance measurement sensitivity and accuracy than competing analog designs.

Commissioning and operation have also been enhanced with the Valmet Bridge user interface, a new 7’’ touch screen control platform designed for use with Valmet process sensors and analyzers.

Celebrating 50 years of Valmet analyzers and measurements
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