Huld Collaborating in Making Kokkola the Hydrogen Capital of Finland

Huld has signed a letter of intent with the Kokkola business network for a joint project to build a city-wide hydrogen ecosystem in Kokkola. The ecosystem will support the introduction of clean hydrogen energy in a practical way. 

Carbon-free hydrogen will play an important role in the green transition. It offers many industries the possibility to switch to using clean hydrogen energy for electricity generation, transport, heating and industry. However, despite its successes, hydrogen has not yet reached its potential for energy production. 

The network is led by Matti Malkamäki, Chairman of the Board of Hycamite TCD Technologies 

Building a hydrogen economy requires a wide range of expertise, which Huld’s experts have. Our team in Kokkola office, led by Tuomas Kallio, believes in the potential of unique cooperation for creating a sustainable society far into the future. 

– We develop equipment and software required by the hydrogen industry, whether it’s for functional safety, intelligent systems or a digitalizing industry. Our goal is to grow into one of the region’s most important partners for hydrogen technology developers,” says Kallio. 

The Power of Networking 

According to the letter of intent, signed during Kokkola Material Week, the network will next carry out a feasibility study, on which a financially viable project plan will be created. The hydrogen ecosystem, starting in Kokkola, will expand into a hydrogen valley covering the entire west coast of Finland. 

Nine companies and two universities in the region signed the letter of intent. However, new companies are also welcome to join the network. 

These companies include the hydrogen operator Hycamite TCD Technologies, and the companies preparing a hydrogen plant in Kokkola Flexens and Plug Power. The other companies including Huld, were Kokkolan Energia, Ahola Group, Port of Kokkola, M. Rauanheimo, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce, Centria University of Applied Science and University of Oulu. 

Interested in hearing more? Contact us: 

Tuomas Kallio
Sales Manager
+358 44 555 5585

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