Huld is a Workplace for Wellbeing

MIELI Mental Health Finland has awarded Huld the Hyvän mielen työpaikka® badge for the second time. The badge is a recognition of our culture that promotes mental health and encourages its continuous development. Huld’s values are humane and bold, and according to the feedback of our employees, this is truly what we are. 

The Hyvän mielen työpaikka® badge is not only an incentive, but also a tool for promoting mental wellbeing in Finnish workplaces. It helps to assess how mental health has been taken into account at the workplace and to take actions to promote mental wellbeing in everyday life. 

“What is particularly positive about Huld is that building a supportive workplace is being implemented at different levels of the organization. Strengthening the discussion culture regarding mental health is one of the most important factors. This way we can strengthen employees’ work resources and trust for the fact that you can truly be yourself at work.” – Anna Nuorteva, Mieli ry. 

What Does the Hyvän mielen työpaikka® Stand for at Huld?  

Huld’s goal is that our employees feel well at work. We want to be a work community where everyone can truly be themselves and no one has to face harassment or discrimination. We celebrate diversity, as a healthy work community is created when everyone can get to know, for example, different perspectives. Similarity leads to similar ideas and ways of working – few of us would like to work and exchange ideas day after day with only ourselves. 

“Today in our society and world situation, mental health and coping are being put to the test. Some people demand the impossible from themselves, others are work-oriented, some have challenging life situations – and this whole spectrum of life is present in every work community. Although we easily think that if I am silent, no one notices, rarely does it happen. People sense each other’s emotions and moods, some more sensitively and some a little less. I encourage everyone to talk about their own coping and well-being, because help is available. Just telling someone about your situation can be a relieving step into the right direction,” says Susanna Pirinen, Chief People Officer at Huld. 

Promoting Mental Wellbeing at Work is a Constant Effort  

Huld is part of the Peace of Mind network, which aims to make mental health visible at work. For Huld, this means for example: 

  • Comfortable offices offering encounters, information sharing, learning, support, laughter and company. 
  • Flexible working hours, balance leave and the possibility of shortened working hours. These are important in making the work-life balance easier. 
  • Engaging in the principles of coaching leadership in daily supervisor work. All or our leaders have been trained to use the early prevention model with its interaction and people skills. 
  • Openness and interaction. It is important that Huld employees are not left alone with challenges but can instead talk about them with their colleagues and leader. 


The Hyvän mielen työpaikka® badge is maintained by MIELI Mental Health Finland, which innovated and implemented the badge with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (2019–2020). The aim of the project was to develop Finnish working life and public health by providing tools for creating solutions that promote mental health in workplaces.  

Read more about the Hyvän mielen työpaikka® badge (in Finnish) here.