Huld is taking part in mask holder community effort – Let’s 3D print and donate mask holders to health care workers together

Health care workers have to constantly wear a mask in their work. Continuous use of the mask causes unpleasant abrasions and depressions in the ears. The 3D-printed plastic mask holder is a small but highly functional solution for supporting the well-being of health care workers. Huld decided to get involved in the mask holder community effort by printing the mask holders and donating them to the health care workers.

The mask holder community effort began when Huld’s software developer Juha Aronen and his partner Katri Pukarinen wanted to follow the example of a Canadian boy by printing holders for health care workers. The face mask holders were printed at Huld’s Tampere office and donated to Tays’ Children’s and Adolescent Hospital. Huld wanted to support his employee’s great idea by providing material for printing.

The holders were welcomed at Tayss and more were requested with the thank you card. Together with Juha and Katri, Huld is now challenging all those who have an unoccupied 3D printer to join the mask holder community effort. Huld’s designer Iiro Laaksonen also made improvements to the mask holder model to make it as functional and comfortable as possible in long-term use.

“It is great that we were able to use the 3D printer of Huld Tampere’s office to print the first batch. Now we hope that other companies will join us so that we can donate as many mask holders as possible to those who need them,” commented Juha Aronen from Huld.

Holder printing is cheap for donors but valuable for health care workers. Printing about a hundred mask holders costs only about € 20, so the cost of the donation is not high. We hope that as many companies, organizations or individuals as possible will take part in the mask holder community effort. Due to tightening mask recommendations, the need has only increased and we want to expand donations to other care facilities in addition to Tays’ Children and Adolescents Hospital.

How to participate in mask holder community effort?

Download the 3D form file of the mask holder from Thingiverse and start printing. Deliver printed mask holders to Huld Espoo, Huld Hyvinkää, Huld Tampere, Huld Jyväskylä or Huld Oulu office before 20th December, and then we will forward them to the health care facilities that need them. For example TAYS, PSSHP, KSSHP & HUS Logistics are pleased to receive mask holder donations.

We will pass on the names of all donors to health care facilities. We will also publish news about donations on our website and social media channels. If you wish, you can of course donate the holders directly to the care facility of your choice. The most important thing is that as many holders as possible find their way to the health care workers.

So join the mask holder community effort for the well-being of our health care workers!