Aktia mobile services

“Our cooperation has been very natural. Observing Huld’s experts at work, it has always been obvious that they want to produce the best possible service for both the customer and the end-users.” says Alexhander Törnqvist, Head of Digital Services, Aktia.

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Aktia is a Finnish treasurer, bank and provider of life insurance. For over 200 years, Aktia has provided prosperity and welfare from generation to generation. Aktia is the best possible partner for people, companies and communities that value education of the heart and responsible ways of growing prosperous. 

Modern mobile banking services according to customers’ needs 

Aktia is a treasurer, bank and a provider of life insurance, offering its customers world-class digital and investment services. We have been a partner of Aktia for years, developing Aktia’s mobile services and digital business activities to serve their clients’ needs all the better. Thanks to our cooperation, we have been able to acquire both broad experience and a deep understanding of matters related to the financial sector, including financial supervision and control, risk analyses, payment transactions and management of personal data. 

Smooth and secure user interfaces for Aktia customers 

Designing mobile services go hand in hand with technical implementation. Our partnership began when Aktia contacted us to get help in designing mobile services. Our client wanted to create easy-to-use, safe mobile services for its customers. Aktia found us to be just the right partner to support the development. 

Building a mobile service system was a project that needed multiple stages to be complete. The goal was to create a mobile service that enables Aktia’s customers to, for example, follow up with the prospects of their total economy and to create payments. 

The mobile service was also to be created with specific consideration on important terms and conditions, such as financial supervision and management of personal data. The service was to adhere to prevailing laws and regulations, and to provide a secure solution with which the users can manage their finances. It was also important to achieve a smooth and unique user experience independent of choice of platform. 

More than just software development – mobile banking that genuinely serves the customers 

At present, most of Aktia’s customers use mobile banking services daily with the help of either iOS or Android devices. Accordingly, the biggest benefit of developing mobile services is accomplished by making the every-day life of Aktia’s customers a little easier. Thanks to user-oriented mobile services, the customers can take care of their banking transactions when and where it best suits them. This has led to fewer physical customer contacts, which has also enabled Aktia to draw back on its service expenses. 

Aktia Wallet and strong biometric identification 

Aktia’s digital services are a part of a sustainable business that serves the customers even better than before. During our extensive cooperation with Aktia, we have developed further even other mobile services for the company. Some examples of these are Aktia Wallet that enables mobile payments, as well as a strong biometric PIN application that identifies the users with their fingerprints. 

This cooperation with Aktia has given us a chance to contribute to a change towards more agile operations models and practices. As a result of these joint efforts, we have been able to develop digital services that are a part of the everyday life of Aktia’s customers.