Clean lines for Volter’s next generation woodchip powerplant with mechanical design

”Agile productization is at the core of Volter’s operations, and it is important for our customers to get results quickly and cost-effectively. Our collaboration with Huld has been uncomplicated with no unnecessary bureaucracy.” – Jarno Haapakoski, CEO, Volter.

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Volter is a Finnish company that helps commercialize and productize startup ideas cost-effectively and quickly. This way, new innovations for clean and renewable energy can be introduced to the market to support the green transition of the globe.

Besides productizing and commercializing startup ideas, Volter also develops their own innovations. One of them is the Walter CHP unit that produces renewable energy and heat from woodchips. When it was time to develop the next generation Walter to improve its efficiency and productivity, Volter also decided to renew its appearance. They chose Huld as their partner.

Visual and sustainable mechanical design

The Walter CHP unit can produce energy and heat for farms, entire housing estates, and small businesses. Diverse environments place different demands for the structure and outer surface of the powerplant.

Volter’s goal was that the powerplant would get a sleek design with clean lines, which placed certain demands on the mechanical design. With mechanical design, the vision of the design was put into action so that the result was both visual and functional.

In the mechanical design of Walter, the structure of the frame and the compatibility and fabricability of different parts were taken into account. Dark metal plates, that do not create electric charge or collect dust from the environment like plastic, were chosen as cover for the steel structure.

With FEM analysis and mechanical design, it was ensured that the powerplant can be moved with a crane, and that it can be positioned smoothly even in confined spaces while maintaining its form.

”Getting help for both mechanical design and FEM analysis under the same roof is a great strength. At Huld, we also found much needed expertise for designing sheet metal structures. The package met our needs very well. – Jarno Haapakoski, CEO, Volter.

Next generation woodchip powerplant

The project advanced with weekly meetings and in close collaboration. The work was carried out within the given working hours. As a result, we designed a next generation woodchip powerplant with many improvements, optimizations, and added user-friendliness, without forgetting sleek and sustainable mechanical design.

”Huld supported our productization very extensively, which made our collaboration especially agile and comprehensive. We are satisfied.” – Jarno Haapakoski, CEO, Volter.