Technical analysis brings many benefits for your business, such as cost savings, a more in-depth understanding of the product, and thorough support for decision making. How can we help you?

Technical Analysis Supports Decision Making

With the tools of technical analysis, we can study the strength, stiffness, and vibration properties of structures, mechanical trajectories and loads affecting the parts and joints of the mechanisms. In addition, we can analyze heat transfer and distribution in a structure, the flow of fluids and gases and the pressure and density changes in these.

Finite Element Method, FEM Analyses

The FEM analysis covers the stress, trajectories, and vibration properties of the structure. The analysis enables optimizing the structure to make it safe and able to handle the necessary loads, yet affordable to manufacture. We can carry out all the mechanical tests (overload, ROPS, FOPS or dropping test) virtually.

Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD Analyses

We analyze the movements of liquids and gases and examine their behavior in a flow. We can also examine the movement and changes in pressure caused by differences in temperature. We can also provide you with aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analyses (for example for vehicles) as well as analyses on phenomena related to burning or foam formation.

With flow analysis, we can for example optimize the amount of energy needed to move the cooling air, and with suitable solutions decrease the pressure loss.

We use flow analysis also in our thermal analysis processes, which allows us to analyze the movement of heat more accurately, taking into account conduction, convection and radiation.

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