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It has been a pleasure to follow up with the progress of this project. Instead of building castles in the air, the experts have worked impressively through the entire project. We are most happy to have found Huld, and we want to continue working with them also in the future.” says Tikkurila’s Marketing Director Ulla Mattila.

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Tikkurila Colour Master is a mobile service that makes your colorful ideas come true. Experiment with different paint colors and combinations easily with your smart phone, using augmented reality. Get inspired and start decorating! 

Make your paintwork ideas come true while sitting in your sofa 

Tikkurila Colour Master helps home decorators with their painting projects. Planning a painting project is easier thanks to the Colour Master. Get inspired, play with different colors, or look for exactly the right color tone in Tikkurila’s comprehensive paint charts. With the help of this digital tool, even surprising color combinations can be tested easily and quickly at the comfort of your own home. 

It all began with a vision of a color testing tool. Working with Tikkurila, we were able to make this vision true, and the final product is a digital platform that makes it possible to combine color-induced inspiration with easy testing of possible implementations. Thanks to this easy-to-use tool that embraces the company brand in all its aspects, Tikkurila can serve its customers even better and make it easier for them to venture into starting their own painting projects. 

Dip into dye – an inspiring mobile service for all DIY painters out there 

Tikkurila is a Scandinavian company producing quality paint products manufactured with carefully selected raw materials. Prior to our cooperation, Tikkurila had already identified an empty spot in its customer journey. The company wanted to unify the customer experience and provide better service on a mobile platform, which initiated the need for developing a mobile service. 

For Tikkurila, it was important to choose a partner that could build a realistic vision of the service development together with the company. They were impressed by our ability to take responsibility of both design and technical implementation in a best possible way. 

The goal with our cooperation was to create a sustainable digital customer service for the future. The service concept was carried out by utilizing possibilities provided by augmented reality. When using the mobile service, Tikkurila customers would get in touch with Tikkurila’s color charts and receive a link to a choice of selected products that guide and support customers in the beginning of their painting project. Thanks to the service, Tikkurila got even new possibilities to digitize its business. 

From primer to finish – full service from conceptualization to planning and implementation 

Our cooperation was launched with conceptualization, which was used to create a common vision of a possible solution. With conceptualization we were able to make sure that the mobile service would meet the customers’ needs in a way that was also possible to implement. Simultaneously, we enhanced our common conception of the project and erased some of the uncertainties connected with digital service development by showing that once we make a promise, we also deliver. 

With the help of user-centered development, we made sure that the service would be of use to people pondering how to carry out a painting project, and that it could help to solve challenges they encounter while for example choosing the right colors. Our service development was heavily based on flexibility and future-oriented thinking. In whole, the service was to have such contents and functions that any service-related wishes and needs of Tikkurila customers could be met regardless of market area. In other words, customer orientation was the key word not only when designing the service but also when implementing it. Future implementations of the service will also provide new possibilities, for example for creating an uncomplicated purchasing process for the customers. 

Dashing colors with enhanced reality – an inspirational tool available for everyone 

The final result of our cooperation is Tikkurila Colour Master, a mobile service designed for international markets. Customers dreaming about starting a painting project can use the service and its augmented reality to test colors on their own walls. The service provides them also with personalized color suggestions. In addition, Tikkurila Colour Master inspires the customers by offering content articles covering the latest color trends of the season, and gives them a possibility to browse color collections and selected choices of Tikkurila products. 

Tikkurila Colour Master is Tikkurila’s first step towards the world of consumer-directed mobile services. Developing Tikkurila’s services into a digital age gave us an initial spark that can be developed further. Launching a mobile service is by no means the end line of service development, on the contrary. Further development will be carried out by constant follow-up of the users’ requirements and finding new solutions to solve their problems. 

Tikkurila customers get the very best service 

The most significant result of the Tikkurila Colour Master mobile service can be seen in the improved level of customer service provided by Tikkurila. This was also exactly the solution needed for the challenges identified by Tikkurila. The company is now more able to help its customers, whether they are interested in starting a painting project, or possibly struggling to choose the right colors or materials. In addition to merely making it easier for the customer to buy the products, this new service concept can also create inspiration and encourage people to use colors more boldly. This means that Tikkurila is now able to provide its customers an even better and more personalized service, no matter the time or place. 

When asked to describe the most important cornerstones of our cooperation, Tikkurila chose the following three: confidence, knowledge and communication. With transparent cooperation and demonstrations for company representatives it was possible to constantly follow the feedback and use it to make the service better. In addition to taking responsibility for development of the mobile service, we have been able to offer Tikkurila our expertise in every phase of the system development, from conceptualization to UI and UX design and further development of the service. Tikkurila’s long-time goal is thus to use our development as a platform that can be applied to even other Tikkurila development projects. 

It has been a pleasure to follow up with the progress of this project. Instead of building castles in the air, the experts have worked impressively through the entire project. We are most happy to have found Huld, and we want to continue working with them also in the future.”  Ulla Mattila, Marketing Director, Tikkurila