Huld to validate the software of MDA’s Canadarm3 robotic system

Canadarm3 is a next-generation robotic system that will provide extra-vehicular services to the NASA-led Lunar Gateway. Canadarm3’s independent verification & validation (IV&V) will be done by Huld.

Lunar Gateway is the future space platform set to orbit the Moon over the next decade. It is to serve as a spaceport for future human and robotic exploration of the Moon and Mars.

Canadarm3, developed by MDA, for the Canadian Space Agency, will use cutting edge software to perform tasks around the Moon without human intervention.

Huld will ensure the quality of critical components of Canadarm3’s software, security aspects included.

Highly Autonomous Space Robotics

Canadarm3 will be a highly innovative autonomous system, operating at a distance of 400 000 km from Earth. It has two arms: a large symmetric dual-ended robotic arm and a smaller robotic arm which operates at the end of the large arm. It also has associated tools and interfaces.

As a next-generation robotic system, Canadarm3’s tasks will include for example maintaining, repairing and inspecting the Gateway, helping astronauts during spacewalks, and enabling science both in lunar orbit and on the surface of the Moon.

Experience in Space Missions

Huld has more than 30 years of experience in developing software for the most challenging space missions lead by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Huld has an extensive portfolio of missions it has supported as an IV&V provider. Huld is also one of the leading cybersecurity advisory companies in high-criticality systems.

Canadarm3 product independent verification and validation will certainly be one of the most significant of Huld’s IV&V achievements.

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