Huld’s assessment provides information security for Swegon’s intelligent ventilation system

“Huld had just the right expertise and understanding to ensure a 100% secure system for our customers to use.” – Lars Norrdal, Director Product Management and Business Development, Swegon.

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Swegon offers solutions for ventilation, heating, cooling, and condition optimization, as well as related services and technical support. It is Swegon’s priority to consider quality, durability, and the environment in its product development.

As its latest service, Swegon has started to develop intelligent ventilation technology for a variety of indoor spaces, from homes to properties. The cloud service of Swegon’s new Genius ventilation series collects data on ventilation and its operation, which can be used, for example, to schedule maintenance and optimize energy consumption. Both the user and the administrator of Swegon’s service can manage the indoor climate remotely when the need arises.

Intelligent and sustainable choices throughout the life cycle of ventilation equipment, from installation to operation and replacement is supported by knowledge-based operation and maintenance. The cloud service as the center of all information serves not only the user, but the supplier and maintenance personnel as well.

Secure intelligence

The data collection must also be accompanied by responsibility for the information security of the service. Swegon commissioned a technical security assessment from Huld to ensure that the physical ventilation unit and its cloud service and mobile application, as well as telecommunications and data storage, cover all security needs.

“An appropriate level of security ensures that the service is not only functional, but also reliable. Increasing the general understanding of information security and raising awareness will have a positive impact on both the self-surveyed service and the company’s future development projects.” Teemu Avellan, Security Consultant, Huld.

The information security auditor must be an external party, independent from the product development work. This will allow a more comprehensive mapping of potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement in the system. Huld has the know-how, understanding and experience as a trusted information security partner for industrial operators. Swegon and Huld have already collaborated in the field of product development.

Evaluation improves data security

The evaluation began with defining the scope of the survey and the testing methods. The information security of the physical ventilation device, the mobile application, and the interface between them, were chosen for evaluation. The evaluation required a combination of several different elements. Different users of the ventilation device, from the customer to the installer and Swegon’s maintenance personnel, have different security needs that had to be considered in the audit.

The final report compiled the findings and recommendations, as well as the necessary measures to improve information security. Needs were prioritized to guide future work. All this work done for information security serves Swegon itself, as well as customers and partners in a digitalizing society. Intelligent, environmentally friendly, and secure ventilation is a part of Swegon’s business transformation, which is shaping the company’s future towards an increasingly intelligent ecosystem.

“Our cooperation was smooth, and Huld’s expert was always available. Huld has an understanding of developing a functional and secure service and testing it so that sub-components and user groups are taken into consideration.”Lars Norrdal, Director Product Management and Business Development, Swegon.