Customer research adds value to Skandino’s packaging graphics

“Cooperation with Huld went smoothly. They stuck to the schedule, the ordered work was carried out according to the implementation plan, and the customer was kept in the loop about the process throughout the project. I am particularly pleased that the timetables we agreed upon were adhered to and no one needed to be pressured to achieve the results needed,” – Emmi Lemmetty-Garcia, Entrepreneur, Skandino.

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Skandino is a manufacturer, vendor, and marketer of design biocomposite plastic products. Skandino has developed a set of children’s tableware designed to safely, ergonomically, and ecologically support the development of independent dining.

Everyone is entitled to comfortable and safe dining if you ask Skandino. In the early stages of life, we all need help with eating, and Skandino has taken it upon themselves to support and encourage self-feeding. Feelings of success and enjoyable dining for families are guaranteed by taking into account the infant’s needs and development in the tableware. For this reason, Skandino’s tableware was developed in cooperation with professionals from different fields, from speech therapists to designers.

For Skandino’s tableware to find its way to the dining tables of the families who need them, appropriate documentation and high-quality packaging graphics must be provided. To implement these, Skandino trusted Huld’s experts.

“Our products still lacked technical documentation, base markings and product descriptions. We chose Huld because we had heard recommendations from others and the overall package seemed like a sensible solution for our situation. Huld found the know-how to produce these at a competitive price.” Emmi Lemmetty-Garcia, Entrepreneur, Skandino.

Technical documentation and graphics

Cooperation started by mapping out Skandino’s needs in a joint kick-off meeting. The special characteristics of Skandino’s tableware were identified as very important, as no similar features can be found in other products on the market. The product and packaging labels, product description, and packaging graphics were created in collaboration to combine Huld’s documentation and design expertise with Skandino’s knowledge of their field. The labelling was worded clearly, the graphics were easily understandable and the label comprehensive. Skandino reviewed the progress of the project a weekly basis.

“Project management was Huld’s greatest strength. Everyone knew what to do, how to do it and when to do it. On the plus side, they were also flexible whenever it was necessary. The Huldians working on the project were great personalities, and it was easy to work together. I felt that we were all part of the same team. I can sincerely say that projects seldomly go as well as this one went with Huld. Thank you!” Emmi Lemmetty-Garcia, Entrepreneur, Skandino.

Understanding the customer as the focus of design

In order to verify the functionality of the documentation and graphics, the packaging prototype was put to the test in a customer study. By studying and mapping customer needs, we were able to address the further development of the packaging. This approach, before large-scale production, provided an opportunity to further improve the packaging in order to meet the preferences of the target demographic.

The packaging prototype was given to representatives of the target demographic, i.e. parents of young children. The study revealed that the most important characteristics of Skandino’s tableware for customers were the longevity, non-toxicity, and durability of the products. Based on the feedback, the competitive advantages of the product were elevated to an even more prominent role in the packaging plan.

“The customer research was very helpful. It was used to raise important and relevant issues that we were easily able to develop before releasing the product. I intend to continue carrying out research as a part of product development. It pays for itself many times over when the details that are important to customers have been carefully taken into account,” says Emmi Lemmetty-Garcia, Entrepreneur, Skandino.

Global markets

The finished product and product labels, product description and packaging graphics will guide the journey of Skandino’s tableware into the global market. The tableware is planned to hit the shelves of grocery stores during the autumn of 2022.