KONE, aided by Huld, to invest in safe and fluent logistics

“The cooperation with Huld has always worked well. Strong packaging design skills and the desire to learn new things and develop with KONE have played a key role. The designers’ commitment and open-minded approach to challenges have also made it possible to develop their roles over the years.” – Timo Rinne, Manager, Packaging Solutions, KONE.

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KONE is one of the world’s leading companies in the elevator and escalator industry. Huld’s packaging design experts have been working closely with KONE for over a decade.

Environment, safety, and innovation are at the heart of KONE’s operation. With the help of Huld’s holistic packaging design work, solutions where all these aspects are taken into consideration have been realized in a first-rate manner. The collaboration between KONE and Huld began more than 10 years ago, and over the years the cooperation and projects have changed flexibly according to the customer’s needs. The cooperation has included the structural design of packaging, optimizing logistics, as well as other extensive packaging development projects.

KONE’s packaging design requires the ability to manage extensive projects

KONE’s products are often very large in size and the wishes of the customers, as well as differences in buildings, set many different requirements for them. Thus, the packaging required for the products also requires the ability to manage large and diverse entities. In packaging design, it is important to know the products, their different applications, and logistics in a holistic way. A good outcome cannot be achieved by optimizing only one part, but the whole must work together flexibly.

The construction sites are also often busy and congested, so the packaging must support the installation as well as possible. For this reason, Huld´s experts design packaging structures primarily from the point of view of installation, to support the easy handling of parts at the worksite. In turn, freight optimization achieves great economic and environmental advantages, when packaging is loaded more efficiently.

“We have dozens of packaging development projects underway at the same time and the schedules are sometimes tight. A smooth design process requires a good understanding of KONE’s products, processes, tools, and requirements. I think that Huld has succeeded well in this, and the long-term work has yielded fruit. It makes it easier for the customer to trust that everything is under control and the work will be done.” – Timo Rinne, Manager, Packaging Solutions, KONE.

Safety and environment as the guiding light of planning

Both KONE and Huld are known for their innovative solutions that are sustainable and safe for the future. Safety and the environment have also emerged in recent years as new trends in packaging design, in which KONE also invests. It is important that the product is well-protected, but it is even more important to guarantee the safety and well-being of employees.

Huld’s experts help ensure that the packaging is safe for the environment, people, and products throughout their lifecycle – from packing and transportation to unpacking. The environmental impact is sought to be minimized not only by cargo optimization, but also by replacing plastics with wood-based materials and by optimizing the quantities of packaging material to a minimum.

Optimized package sizes and freight design not only contribute to sustainability, but also significantly reduce logistics costs.

“The packaging must be safe at all stages of the supply pipeline – this is our top priority. Safety consideration and professionalism are emphasized when the use of packaging material for large and heavy components is minimized or replaced, for example, with cardboard-based solutions instead of wood while still retaining logistical efficiency by stacking the packages.” – Timo Rinne, Manager, Packaging Solutions, KONE.