NADMED’s medical product requires special attention in packaging design

“Huld’s expertise in packaging design was just what we needed. Huld knew exactly how to create a packaging design that serves our special needs in the medical field: not every packaging needs to endure -80 degrees for safe transport like ours does.” – Jana Buzkova, COO & Co-Founder, NADMED.

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NADMED is interested in unravelling the role of redox balance in several frontiers such as mitochondrial dysfunction, neurodegenerative diseases, oncology, and healthy aging. To further its cause, NADMED developed the world’s first and only method to analyse NADs quickly and simply using only standard laboratory equipment available in most clinical chemistry labs.

NADs are essential in signalling and converting energy stored in sugars and fats into a form that muscles and other tissues can use. NADMED’s reliable yet simple technology extracts and measures all four NADs and two glutathiones from common sample types. The technology is based on an accurate colorimetric quantification that can be performed even from a minuscule amount of blood.

The method’s key advantage is that it can measure metabolites individually unlike any other method. The NADMED method is based on solid scientific research from the University of Helsinki.

Packaging design for frozen conditions

NADMED had a new product kit to be launched that required packaging. The packaging design needed good usability in laboratory environments with clear markings and a credible professional appearance.

The packaging design of the new product kit required special attention as often medical packaging does: for safe transport, the packaging needed to be frozen to -80 °C. The packaging materials were chosen to function correctly in the sub-zero temperature. In addition, the packaging of the new product kit would be using existing distribution routes which affected the design.

Packaging design ready for product launch

Huld packaging designer made several concept suggestions to pick and choose elements from. In close collaboration between Huld and NADMED, the chosen concept was developed through prototype iterations and material verification to achieve a functional and simple-to-use packaging solution.

The packaging graphics were designed to emphasize the professional look and feel required for medical products. Visual marketing material was rendered to expedite the product launch before actual production.

“NADMEDs enthusiasm for user experience and desire for aesthetic look meshes well with our approach to packaging design. It made the communication and exchange of ideas very easy.”Petri Kaisanlahti, Senior Packaging Designer, Huld.