Packaging design and technical documentation to support Ekahau’s strong brand experience

“Huld was a great partner to work with. Their expertise in packaging design and technical documentation was just the right combination for our needs when launching a new product.” – Ari Tourunen, Senior Vice President, R&D, Ekahau.

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Ekahau has a simple mission: to rid the world of bad Wi-Fi. Ekahau helps businesses build and maintain high-performing Wi-Fi networks by designing new networks for success and saving troubled ones from despair.

With the explosive growth in wireless technologies, 75% of wireless networks are not able to keep up with the demands of today. Ekahau set on a quest to create Ekahau Sidekick 2 to provide the fastest, most precise Wi-Fi testing and measurement device on the market.

Ekahau needed very premium packaging and exceptionally clear and concise user guide for the new product. Ekahau chose Huld to accompany them on their mission. Huld had expertise on both packaging design and technical documentation to offer as a comprehensive project.

Packaging design to support both brand and logistics

Packaging design started while the last finishing touches of the product were underway. Huld packaging designers produced many varied concepts to come up with a new way to present the product with a touch of recognizable elements from the previous design to tie the brand together. Designers also took into consideration the demands of the logistics chain and the performance of the package.

“Our collaboration with Ekahau was effortless. The communication was fluent and natural. When user experience and quality are the corner stones of a project, the designer’s work is extra rewarding.” – Petri Kaisanlahti, Senior packaging designer, Huld.

Technical documentation for end users

Packaging graphics and localized user guides were also provided by Huld. For the user guide, Huld’s visual designer created easy to follow layouts with descriptive product illustrations in the technical documentation. Visual identity was created to be in line with the Ekahau brand.

Huld’s seamless internal collaboration facilitated faster project follow-through and instant communication between the two key areas, packaging design and technical documentation.

Premium user experience

Ekahau and Huld’s collaboration resulted in a unique and premium user experience. The packaging design ensures that the product is protected throughout the logistics chain. It impresses the end user when receiving the product. Technical documentation informs the user clearly of the product functionality. Everything is wrapped into strong brand experience of Ekahau.