Nordic Drones and Huld together towards secure drone solutions

”Huld was a natural choice for us because of their top-notch competence in software and information security. Huld’s solution for visual navigation is also an interesting addition to our offering, particularly for national security customers.” – Pietari Sorri, CEO, Nordic Drones.   

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Nordic Drones is Finland’s first and leading drone pilot trainer and manufacturer of drone solutions designed for professional use. 

Developing modern drone solutions requires lots of competence in software   

Over the past few years, Nordic Drones has developed next-generation drone solutions that have been designed to perform in extreme conditions. The ability to add intelligence to the solutions based on customers’ needs is also essential. This requires extensive competence in software development 

To meet these requirements, Nordic Drones chose Huld as their partner, because they are famous for their competence in both embedded systems programming and developing the needed information systems. 

”We know that there will not be any lack of competence when working with Huld, and we can comfortably proceed with our plans even with the most demanding customers”, says Pietari Sorri, CEO of Nordic Drones.  

Everything starts with information security 

Both Nordic Drones and Huld operate in heavily safety-critical industries. Comprehensive understanding of secure software development and understanding of the industries of the customers are therefore required from the software development partner. 

“Huld’s knowledge in information security is not limited to only secure coding but they also have much to contribute to the security industry on a wider level, for example their expertise in visual navigation, which helps improve the performance of the drone solutions in extreme conditions”, Sorri adds.  

”We are very excited about collaborating with Finland’s leading and a globally significant drone operator. The collaboration combines our expertise in space projects and the national security industry with an agile and growing company. We believe Nordic Drones is one of the flagships of Finland’s industry in the coming years, and it is nice to be able to help them on this journey”, says Kimmo Kaario, Director, Space and Defence, Huld.