Vallox – Elegant ventilation technology without sacrificing quality

”Huld was the right choice for us as a partner. We have already had many successful projects together. Once again, our collaboration went well, and we have been able to develop our working methods. Our cooperation was seamless and communication effortless.” – Petri Koivunen, Technical Manager, Vallox Oy.

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Vallox is an experienced developer and manufacturer of ventilation systems. It is important for Vallox to combine high-quality ventilation technology with elegant and user-friendly design. Huld’s experts have partnered with Vallox in product design, mechanical design, and documentation for several years.

Vallox, known for its energy-efficient solutions, aimed to develop a cooker hood that would meet today’s requirements in both functionality and design. Huld’s experts, in cooperation with Vallox, developed a product that caters to the needs of the consumers, taking specific responsibility for the general and mechanical design of the product, as well as the design of the user interface.

Durable and visually pleasing technology and design expertise

According to Vallox, good ventilation is the best life insurance for a house, as well as an investment in the well-being of the whole family. Ventilation technology is not only an inseparable part of living, but cooker hoods are also centrally located in homes, visible to everyone. That is why a successful technical and general design was crucial for Vallox.

Our collaboration began with a Design study survey, in which e.g., benchmarking and mood boards were used as tools. The Design study ensured a common understanding of the information that was crucial for the success of the project and sufficient initial data to provide good conditions for carrying out the project as planned.

In the concept design phase, after the initial study, several prototypes were developed. We created multiple technical structural solutions of which the most functional solutions and designs were chosen for product development. When choosing the final solutions, the emphasis was on practicality, functionality, and manufacturability. This ensured that the solution is of high quality and caters to the different needs of the end-users.

From concept to manufacturing – extensive collaboration in multiple areas

As a result of the collaboration, an entire product family was designed based on the cooker hood that was particularly created to meet the needs of end-users. The product family consists of versions suited for different environments, such as cooker hoods that can be connected to the joint duct systems of multi-story buildings or to roof ventilators. The technical features have been designed to suit various environments, but the elegant appearance is consistent throughout the products.

”We have been able to collaborate extensively and cross-functionally, from concept design and ideas to a comprehensive command of the design language, mechanical solutions and technical documentation.” – Iiro Laaksonen, Competence Manager, Innovations & Conceptual Design, Huld.