Ouca Bikes – From idea to product with Huld’s technical expertise

“The cooperation with Huld went very well. We are very pleased with the expertise we have received. With Huld’s extensive knowledge and professionalism, we developed a brilliant product without compromises.”– Tuomas Alapuranen, Entrepreneur, Ouca Bikes.

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The Ouca Bikes electric cargo bike is designed to transport people and goods nearby in an environmental and cost-effective way.

Ouca Bikes in Oulu wanted to develop the world’s most durable cargo bike. The goal arose from a real need: the cargo bikes purchased for the rental business failed easily and required a lot of maintenance. When the idea of a new product was born, technical knowledge was needed to implement it.

From idea to product in tight cooperation

The product development of the Ouca Bikes cargo bike was initiated by the development subsidy of the ELY-central with Huld as a partner. Ouca Bikes’ knowledge of the field, its users and their needs were combined with Huld’s interdisciplinary experience in user-driven mechanical design. There was no need for a specific mandate, but the design, conception, and development of prototypes were carried out in an open and equal cooperation.

Ouca Bikes’ journey from an idea to a physical, series-ready final product was carried out in collaboration. The comprehensive vision needed for product development, different areas of expertise and new perspectives all passed through a single contact person.

“Our company does not have product design expertise. We did not find it reasonable to start recruiting but decided to acquire the necessary skills through Huld. The decision was right: the project required not only mechanical design, but also strength calculation and industrial design, which we all received from Huld. The relationship was close and open.” Tuomas Alapuranen, Entrepreneur, Ouca Bikes.

An unprecedented product

Ouca Bikes’ idea of an electric cargo bike is unique. The bike-like device was built by combining components of a wide range of transportation devices with the bike technology. As a result of systematic and intensive product development, we have reinvented a wheel that has never been seen before in the market.

The implementation of the idea required stepping out of the box, which required courage and expertise from both the customer and the partner. Huld’s expertise ensured the availability, manufacturability, modularity, and safety of the cargo bike. The basic body of the cargo bike can be tailored to a high-quality and functional solution for different needs, from kindergartens to industry. This enables sustainable and emission-free transport of people and goods in short distances, regardless of the sector.

“This kind of project and innovation requires pure desire to experiment. When necessary, we got off from the design table into practice and really got our hands dirty. We designed and tested prototypes together with Ouca Bikes.” Tuomas Kallio, Sales Manager, Huld.

Results by working remotely

The location no longer restricts work. Ouca Bikes’ journey from idea to product was largely carried out by working remotely. The communication was continuous, and the requirements for timetable and resource framework were met. When a need for close work arose, Huld’s skilled people rolled up their sleeves and traveled to the spot.

Now Ouca Bikes is ready to export its key flagship products to Europe. There is a demand for eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives: series production of the cargo bikes will start at the end of the year.

”The designers at Huld are true champions. They handled the design work flawlessly and ensured the product’s producibility. The whole project was handled really well, and we are very satisfied with the results. We can wholeheartedly recommend Huld.Tuomas Alapuranen, Entrepreneur, Ouca Bikes.