Swegon CASA Genius Mobile & Cloud Services

“Our collaboration on the project was smooth. Now, during further development, Huld’s experts are always available. At Huld, they have an understanding of designing secure and functional mobile & cloud services, in which all the components and user groups are taken into consideration.” – Timo Hiekko, Embedded Systems Specialist, Swegon.

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Swegon CASA Genius – as the name suggests – is a new generation ventilation system. On top of bringing fresh air into your home, it opens the door to the smart living of tomorrow. The innovative CASA Genius was built on Swegon’s values, quality, sustainability, and the environment. 

In collaboration with Swegon, we implemented the CASA Genius ventilation system – a mobile and cloud service for the optimization of airflow, heating, and cooling. With Swegon CASA Genius, you can monitor the indoor air quality (RH, CO2, VOC, °C) and adjust ventilation to your wishes. You can also let the intelligent control adjust ventilation automatically, while saving energy and providing fresh indoor air. 

Intelligent Ventilation Makes Everyday Life Easy 

Swegon wished to create a digital platform to offer its customers smarter and easier-to-use solutions for their homes. Simultaneously, they wanted to evolve its product portfolio for the new digital age. The aim was to design a new digital service that would better serve customers while facilitating Swegon’s installation and maintenance operations.  

Swegon was ready to take ventilation into a new era. They needed a partner with expertise in mobile and web development, who would understand the user’s needs. At Huld, we were able to provide a systematic approach for developing digital services, from service design to lifecycle services – all under one roof. Technical mapping and design ultimately led to a practical implementation of ideas. Work resulted in easy-to-use mobile apps and underlying cloud services.

Ventilation in Mobile & Cloud Services 

As everything around us becomes more intelligent, there’s a demand to have home environment managing enter the digital era as well. Combining strong design skills in mobile & cloud services, we helped Swegon to develop CASA Genius. Today, CASA Genius enables more efficient installation, while providing customers with indoor air quality monitoring, tailored to meet their needs. 

With Swegon CASA Genius, ventilation is brought into a digital environment, managed by the customers themselves, responding to future demands and competition. In addition to making home ventilation more intelligent, CASA Genius opens new business opportunities for Swegon. It creates a solid foundation for future digital services that support the installation and maintenance of equipment.  

“Cooperation is the key to success. At Huld, we have solid experience in delivering sophisticated user-centric digital services. In the future, we can develop CASA Genius even further together with Swegon, namely by building new digital services around it.” – Jani Nurminen, Head of Operations, Software & Consulting, Huld.