Creating efficiency in Cimcorp business processes with customized design automation

“The co-operation with Huld was uncomplicated and flexible. The workshops stirred good dialog and collaboration. The entirety was well built and functional for us,” says Juuso Jusi, Director, Engineering, Cimcorp Group.

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Cimcorp is a global supplier of intelligent automation solutions for intralogistics with a comprehensive international network that guarantees extensive sales and service. With the help of the Design Puzzle workshop set, the Huld experts customized a design automation concept for Cimcorp to help develop their business. 

The aim of Cimcorp was to develop a design automation utilization prototype that meets the needs of their business. As the end result of our collaboration, a plan paying strong attention to Cimcorp’s objectives was created. With this plan the common processes of sales and work development can be strengthened along with further development.

The efficient utilization of design automation requires thorough research

The increasing number, diversity and ever-expanding internationality of customer projects had set new requirements for Cimcorp to ensure growth and profitability in the future. Based on these requirements, Cimcorp had identified the need to improve the productivity of its own sales and planning processes utilizing, among other things, design automation.

Huld’s experts moved ahead with Cimcorp using the Design Puzzle workshop set. The aim of the workshop set was to produce a comprehensive picture of Cimcorp’s business, so that the design automation could be utilized to meet their needs as efficiently and purposefully as possible. The phase-by-phase workshop started with an initial mapping, in which a rough description of the technical and functional implementation of the design automation was formed on the basis of stakeholders and the starting points of the planning process. Finally, through the conception of the idea and the construction of the prototype, Huld experts prepared a final report containing concrete steps on how to leverage design automation to develop Cimcorp’s business.

Design Puzzle is an agile tool for implementing development projects

With the help of Design Puzzle, Huld’s experts provided Cimcorp with a clearer and more consistent view of the potential of design automation. This ensures that in the future, for example, the technology choices made for the implementation of design automation will truly support the goals set for business development and their achievement.

At the heart of our collaboration, was strong customer orientation and the goal of adapting design automation to Cimcorp’s needs. Since in practice the workshops were carried out using virtual workspaces, Cimcorp now has a new kind of courage to take advantage of modern working methods in future development projects.