Tornator invests in the information security of forestry

”Huld was a clear choice for us as information security partner. Based on our earlier cooperation, we knew they would provide us with natural and competent service and solid experience.” – Mika Rieppo, Chief Information Officer, Tornator.

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Tornator PLC is a Finnish forestry company that owns forests both in Finland and in Estonia and Romania. Tornator’s core activities are sustainable and responsible forestry, forestland purchasing, and silvicultural services. They also sell cutting rights to their land, develop wind power projects, and sell high-quality waterfront plots and soil resources.

Digitalization is a part of sustainable forestry. It has, for example, considerably enhanced the management of forest property. At the same time, digital technologies have brought new requirements regarding the information security of the industry.

Tornator develops its information security flexibly with Huld’s information security experts. Regular assessments carried out by a third party help monitor the present condition of information security and identify possible targets for development objectively.

”Secure managing of a multi-vendor cloud environment is typically related to Tornator’s development projects, and Huld had just the right expertise in the area to be able to assess the present condition and targets for development.” – Mika Rieppo, Chief Information Officer, Tornator.

Regular and long-term assessment helps identify the most important targets for development in information security. Investing in these targets provides the best utility function and supports the continuity of the business.

Information security in compliance with standards

Huld assessed Tornator’s information security in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27002 standard. By comparing Tornator’s procedures with the requirements in the international standard that was updated last year, we agilely formed a comprehensive view of the information security level and development needs.

”The respect for and willingness to invest in information security is visible in Tornator’s operations. This is reflected both in the results of the assessment and in the way the key persons tackle the identified challenges” – Riku Nykänen, Security Consultant, Huld.

A regular assessment carried out by an external consultant helps examine the information security level in your own organization from a different perspective. On the basis of the assessment results, it is easy for Tornator to continue their purposeful development work also in the future.

Huld offers information security assessments based on different standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001, IEC 62443, and Katakri. Read more here.