Tracker’s new dog tracking device supports a conscious, safe, and active everyday life

“Huld was a natural choice for us when choosing a partner. We have had many past successful projects together. Once again, our collaboration was effortless and communication fluent.” – Vesa Tornberg, Product Manager, Tracker.

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Tracker is an internationally renowned developer and manufacturer of high-quality dog tracking devices. The Tracker product family was developed for demanding hunting activities. Now, decades of experience have been harnessed for a new breakthrough as Tracker launches its latest product, Tracker Active, designed for the needs of owners of active dogs.

Tracker’s dog tracking devices have proven very popular among hunting dogs. They can withstand hunting in a variety of conditions. The products can survive water, snow, dirt, and mud, through wind, and rain, conveying precise information about the location of the hunting dog at any given moment.

It is also useful to have information about the movements of a dog in everyday life. To this end, Tracker has developed a new product, Tracker Active, which encapsulates Tracker’s experience in dog tracking devices. The small and lightweight Tracker Active supports everyday needs, from jogging to berry-picking in the woods to hikes in the wilderness.

A decade of cooperation

Huld’s experts have been involved in the development of Tracker’s products for over ten years. Numerous projects have been carried out in seamless cooperation. The general design and mechanical design of the Tracker Active were also worked on together.

The work began with a joint discussion on what kind of features are needed to meet the everyday needs of a customer. The dialogue and communication continued throughout the partnership as Tracker’s team worked on the device’s software and Huld worked on the mechanics and design to support it. The knowledge and skills of two expert organizations contributed considerably to the development work: Tracker Active was completed on a schedule one-third faster than development projects usually take.

“The cooperation between us and Tracker went smoothly and seamlessly. Development work, prototyping and testing were all done together. We had a good “get it done” atmosphere from the start and the group chemistry was wonderful”, says Lasse Kettunen, Mechanical Design Specialist, Huld.

Demanding general and mechanical design

Tracker Active’s mechanical design required ironclad expertise, as several things had to be taken into consideration in the design. In addition to the manufacturability of the Tracker Active, there was also an emphasis on functionality in everyday life. Ease of use, as well as battery and material durability played an important role. A waterproof device provides reliable information about the dog’s activities in all kinds of conditions. Positioning indicates the dog’s route in real time and alerts you if the dog leaves the permitted area.

The necessary features and elements were adapted into a small and light device, which even a small dog can easily carry. The mechanical design was complemented by the general design of the product, which focused on looks and usability. The product was designed to please the eye as well as the dog. Tracker Active’s particular advantage over other products on the market lies in the way the radar is fastened: the radar can be attached to any harness or collar.

“Huld’s vast expertise and competent team were a great strength. Their diverse experience in design work supported the project very well.”Vesa Tornberg, Product Manager, Tracker.

Information and security for everyday life

The Tracker Active will be available in stores autumn 2022.