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Mechanical Design

Our Mechanical Design Expertise will ensure your product is fit for production

Our expert teams know what it takes to build innovative products and make them ready for production. We value form, functionality and efficiency in both design and manufacturing.

Diversity is our strength: We integrate mechanical design into other phases of product development, such as electronics engineering, product design, structural analysis, and technical documentation.

Mechanical Design Services

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM)

AM (additive manufacturing) is a tool to increase competitiveness.

Whether you need support in your initial concept design or simulation driven optimization – or anything between – we have solutions for you.

With the latest design tools, broad AM technology knowhow & right experts, our AM team has solved numerous demanding engineering tasks.

Thanks to our extensive co-operation network, we can deliver parts to projects we are involved in. Our goal is to make the most of AM for our customers core business.

Design Automation

We use design automation when we want to make your deliveries more efficient. Automating a manual process reduces the engineering turnaround time notably.

Casting, Sheet Metal and Welded Structures

In addition to different manufacturing and material techniques, we have a lot of experience in modelling products. We minimize welding, optimize structures, design casted parts, and implement innovative mechanical solutions.

Our special areas of expertise in casting and sheet metal mechanics: sheet metal mechanics and structures, casts and forged products, enclosures, and cabinets.

Electromechanics and Electronic Enclosures

In the design of embedded electronic devices, we can combine mechanics, electronics, industrial design, and usability in an effective way. We optimize manufacturing costs and the materials used.

Our special skills in electromechanics are waterproof and dustproof solutions, consumer products, optomechanics, injection molded and die-casting products, precision mechanics, and Atex-products.

Lifting accessories and assembly tooling

We have extensive experience in field of tool and lifting accessory design. ​Our approach to design is always user-centered without compromising the safety. ​ All products are designed tailormade for customers need. ​

Design is based on​:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC​
  • EN 13155:2003 + A2:2009​
  • EN ISO 12100:2010

Huld has designed lifting accessories from simple C-irons to complex and adjustable assemblies​.

  • Lifting accessories WLL range form 40kg up to 230ton​
  • Lifting pins, lugs and points​

Assembly and transportation tooling expertise:

  • Pre-assembly devices​
  • Assembly trestles​
  • Welding jigs​
  • Pressure test flanges​
  • Transportation tools & instructions​
  • Dismounting and assembly instructions for a product

Documentation package for lifting and assembly tooling:

  • Manufacturing drawings​
  • 3D-models​
  • Technical documentation​
  • Structural analysis​
  • Technical file​
  • Risk analysis​
  • Instruction manuals​
  • (Declaration of Conformity)

Kosti Niemelä

Business Unit Director
Machines and Vehicles
+358 40 766 0654

Kosti Niemelä

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