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Mechanical Design

Our Mechanical Design Expertise will ensure your product is fit for production

Our expert teams know what it takes to build innovative products and make them ready for production. We value form, functionality and efficiency in both design and manufacturing.

Diversity is our strength: We integrate mechanical design into other phases of product development, such as electronics engineering, product design, structural analysis, and technical documentation.

Success stories


Clean lines for Volter’s next generation woodchip powerplant with mechanical design


Vallox – Elegant ventilation technology without sacrificing quality


Valmet’s technology replaces plastic products in the packaging industry with wood fibre


Tracker’s new dog tracking device supports a conscious, safe, and active everyday life

Ouca Bikes

Ouca Bikes – From idea to product with Huld’s technical expertise


Systematic Product Development Makes Valmet Analyzers and Measuring Instruments Global Market Leaders in Their Sector

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What happened to the Seinäjoki satellite?

What happened to the Seinäjoki satellite?

In February we had some exciting moments in the “capitol of space”. The mayor of Seinäjoki city, Jaakko Kiiskilä, launched the prototype of the world’s first wooden satellite, WISA Woodsat, on a test flight from Lakeudenpuisto park in Seinäjoki.

Mass Production of Today = A Massive Guessing Machine

Mass Production of Today = A Massive Guessing Machine

Instead of using this current massive guessing machine it is also possible to change the entire course of the manufacturing industry and make it more reasonable. What if the end users could design the needed product by themselves, with the help of an automated design machine?