Vaasan Sähkö mobile app provides a quick and easy way to manage daily energy matters

“Our collaboration has been effortless and straightforward. The professionalism and responsiveness at Huld, on top of their bold ideas, have been the greatest strengths of this project.” – Kimmo Siljander, System specialist, Vaasan Sähkö.

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Vaasan Sähkö sells electricity throughout mainland Finland and district heating to homes in Vaasa. For Vaasan Sähkö, energy is more than just a business: it is a fascinating subject of research, work, and inspiration. 

Interest in electricity consumption is continuously increasing. To accommodate the growing interest, Vaasan Sähkö got the idea to implement a mobile application that would allow customers to easily monitor their energy consumption, bills, and contracts. This type of monitoring opportunity would be a significant competitive advantage in the energy market. 

Vaasan Sähkö set to work and chose to partner up with Huld to implement the UI design of the mobile app. 

Frontend development in close collaboration 

The collaboration started by exploring alternative tools and programming languages, from which Flutter was chosen. After that, working with the user interface started, one view at a time. The priorities for the app were usability, clarity, and visuality. 

The app was developed working with several partners. The teamwork between the backend developer and Huld was particularly close, in order to make the backend and frontend technologies work seamlessly together.  

The frontend views of the app were also iterated with Vaasan Sähkö. As the development process and meetings progressed, new functionalities were identified and incorporated into the final application. The collaboration was very successful, due to the local nature of the project: both Huld and Vaasan Sähkö had offices in Vaasa, which made working and meeting face-to-face easy. 

“We had a clear vision for the app, but coding is not our core business. Huld brought the know-how to us locally and agile.” – Kimmo Siljander, System specialist, Vaasan Sähkö. 

Easy to use app 

The mobile app is the result of close collaboration and is available in App Store and Google Play. The app provides a quick and easy way to monitor your own electricity consumption, contact customer service, and check real-time information on fault reports. Vaasan Sähkö continues to work together with Huld on version updates to maintain the app.