Embedded Solutions

Electronics Design

Electronics Design from initial system design to prototyping and mass production – our specialists are here for you.

Versatile Electronics Design

Our experts have strong knowledge of materials and deep understanding of different technologies. We offer you design that is thought through from start to finish.

Embedded electronics system and schematics design, control and layout design, electronics functional testing and requirements, product standards and certifications and electronics derating, lifetime and failure mode calculations and much more are all within your grasp with us.

Schematics and Technical Analysis

Schematics and layouts are created in Huld EDA system and thoroughly reviewed during the project. Technical analysis like thermal simulations, signal integrity, and RF simulations are performed to ensure best performance of the boards.


We handle prototype building and assembly for you with carefully selected partners. Verification and testing are carried out for best quality and operation. We carry out modifications, prototypes and testing in our product-development laboratories for you. Quick proof-of-concepts ensure that the design is impeccable.

Component Planning

We see that the electronics components are carefully chosen to lower the production costs and improve manufacturability, while also making sure we choose components for you that are available.

Success stories

Varex Imaging

Varex Imaging – Speed, Safety and Quality with Huld’s Electronics Design


Septentrio: Industrial and Mechanical Design for GNSS Smart Antenna Device

European Space Agency ESA

Huld supports ESA in exploring embedded intelligence in satellites


Ensto One Takes Electric Car Chargers into a New Era