Varex Imaging – Speed, Safety and Quality with Huld’s Electronics Design

“During our long partnership, Huld’s expert has provided R&D expertise from concept development to schematics and PCB design, testing and technical documentation. I have been very pleased with the smooth and professional cooperation” – Matti Vasara, Manager, Electrical Engineering, Varex Imaging.  

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Varex Imaging is a leading supplier of X-ray tubes and image processing solutions. Their products are used around the world for healthcare, industry, security, from diagnosis to protection.  

Varex Imaging’s product family includes several different X-ray and imaging devices. During our long partnership, we have offered electronics design expertise in developing various products of the product family, such as the Thor.10G X-ray detector.   

Thor.10G – Efficient and Safe X-Ray Detector 

The Thor.10G X-ray detector is designed for high-speed imaging, enabling fast X-ray inspections. In cooperation with our electronics design expert, Varex Imaging wanted to develop the product with faster data speeds, among other things. The goal was to increase the production rate of the device and reduce manual steps by clarifying the assembly of the device. 

The conceptualization of the new product was carried out carefully before moving on to the actual design phase to ensure the most efficient end result. In order to develop the degree of production, the focus was on, for example, how the different functions of the device can be integrated with each other and thus reduce the number of components needed. In addition, the communication of the PCBA in the product was designed to be truly bidirectional. This allows the parts to be joined together in either direction, making the installation phase easier and less prone to errors.  

“In the design and component selection, special attention was paid to safety, quality and durability. Since the aim was to improve the data speed and thus efficiency of the product, heat transfer and cooling were important in the PCB design. This ensured that the device was functional in all the desired operating environments.”Mikko Kallatsa, Senior Hardware Designer, Huld. 

Fruitful and Smooth Cooperation in Electronics Design

As a result of the development work, the desired data speed was achieved, and the device meets the requirements set for healthcare purposes. In addition, the device was designed to be modular, with separate functions on different circuit boards. This makes it possible to apply the solution to other devices in the product family so that different functions can be supported by replacing individual PCBAs instead of the entire product.  

In addition to conceptualizing and designing the solution, we also carried out the technical documentation of the product. This will allow smooth further development, installation and operation of the device.  

“During our long partnership, Huld’s professional and self-directed designer has integrated well into our products and ways of thinking. Cooperation has therefore been effortless – communication is quick, and we can trust that Huld’s expert will provide us with the keys to solutions.” Matti Vasara, Manager, Electrical Engineering, Varex Imaging.