There are many meanings to the word ‘electrification’. For us, it is a combination of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanic design, and control systems.

Technology Is Evolving Fast

Solutions out of reach last year are the standard of today.

Machines require high power packed in small spaces, so hydraulics are usually involved due to its weight to power to price ratio.

As the need for more efficient and sustainable solutions rises, electric power drives are becoming more common. Nowadays, one machine often includes both electric power drives and hydraulics, using the same control system. With correct design, machines can be operated efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

Electrification to Support Sustainable Solutions

When electrifying a machine, it is essential to understand the machine and its intended function. There are multiple ways to achieve electrification, each with its own benefits.

In a comprehensive pre-study, we evaluate your machine and business model against various electrification options. The analysis helps you to select a path that not only offers a competitive edge but also aligns with your sustainability goals, whether it’s reducing carbon footprint, enhancing energy efficiency, or promoting renewable energy use.

The Benefits of an Independent Partner

An electric powertrain is a combination of several manufacturer’s products. As an independent integrator, we can freely analyze the pros and cons of each product to ensure the most cost-efficient and sustainable choice for your needs.

In addition, our established relationships with suppliers shortens project timelines. This allows you to spend your time in core business operations as we focus on delivering environmentally responsible powertrain solutions.

IP-Classified Solutions

Rain, dust, condensate water, snow, and ice – all these are common Nordic challenges. When cooling and EMC shielding require opposing demands, proven best practices and experience will come in handy. Our experience in sheet metal goes up to IP69.

Sustainable Electrical Design

We specialize in vehicle electrification. Our diverse range of specialties include mining, forestry, railway and agriculture excavators, trucks, and other vehicles.

We focus on electrical circuits, layout designs, wire harnesses, and BOMs. Our proficiency also extends to automation and communication protocols, demanding conditions and temperatures, and long-term maintainability.

Optimal Hydraulic Design

We design a wide range of hydraulic systems. Our design process includes:

  • System definitions that prioritize energy conservation
  • Dimensioning for optimal resource utilization
  • Selecting durable components
  • Circuit diagrams that facilitate energy-efficient operations
  • Routing and dimensioning of pipes and pipelines to reduce energy loss

We have practical experience in the operation, adjustment, and maintenance of demanding hydraulic machinery. We collaborate closely with component suppliers, ensuring that you receive a safe, efficient, and sustainable system.

Control System Design

Electrification is not just about hardware, but also software. To get the full potential of an electric powerline, designing a quality software for it is essential.

We are committed to designing user-friendly control systems. In case of malfunctions, guidance diagnostics provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions. This helps users to address issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and resource use.

Success stories


Sleipner Finland – Fully Electric and Autonomous Transport Solution


Efficiency through electric power transmission to Normet’s products

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Lack of political decisions hampers the electrification of commercial transport

Lack of political decisions hampers the electrification of commercial transport

The lack of high-power charging stations slows down the growth of commercial urban transport. Without public charging stations, machines are dependent on their own chargers at depots, which will further increase the amount of investment needed.

Software design as part of the electrifying machinery industry

Software design as part of the electrifying machinery industry

With the electrification of the machine industry, the need for new skills has increased. When the core of a product is no longer the mechanical or hydraulic power of a diesel engine but pure electricity, we need experts in new fields who understand both electricity and the varying applications of machines.

How does electrification affect Finnish machinery manufacturing?

How does electrification affect Finnish machinery manufacturing?

The Finnish engineering industry is becoming electrified. Many manufacturers are adding machines equipped with electrical power lines to their product range. In the building of mobile machinery, the core of the product is no longer a diesel engine and the mechanical or hydraulic force it produces. Now we need new types of experts to harness electric power for profital use.