Sleipner Finland – Fully Electric and Autonomous Transport Solution

“Cooperation with Huld has been smooth and easy. They’ve been able to guarantee the right expertise and the next steps always according to the need of the project. Therefore, we have not had to figure things out alone and the biggest pitfalls have been avoided” –Teijo Höylä, CTO, Sleipner Finland  

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Sleipner Finland Oy‘s fully electric and autonomous transport system is a new generation emission-free solution for moving mining and construction equipment. Huld’s industrial design, electrification and technical analysis experts were involved in the development of the system, creating a safe, ergonomic and functional concept. This concept served as the basis for later development. 

Sleipner Finland is a provider of innovative mine transfer solutions. Environmental impact, safety factors, availability of labour in mines and productivity are key factors in the mining industry. As a solution, the vision of a fully electric autonomous transport system was born. To bring the vision to life, Sleipner Finland chose Huld’s experts as a reliable and agile partner.

Safe and User-Friendly Design Concept

The emission-free transport system’s concept was created according to Sleipner Finland’s needs and brand identity. In the design of the transport system, Huld’s experts focused especially on user-orientation and safety. Moreover, the appearance of the machine played an important role in the development of the concept. Industrial design was used to create a suitable appearance for the environment, which also communicates the technical features of the new transport system 

In addition, the design concept takes into account the special requirements of heavy machinery, such as their large size and lighting. This ensured that all the features of the new electric transport system support autonomous mobility, satellite positioning and maintenance of the device. 

Representing the new generation through form and ergonomics has been the priority in our design work. In addition, we have paid special attention to usability, such as the placement of walkways, stairs and lasers.  This way we made sure that the machine is safe to operate, and the view of the surroundings is optimal.Iiro Laaksonen, Competence Manager, Innovations & Conceptual Design, Huld. 

Sustainable Design for Demanding Conditions 

After the design concept, the preliminary planning of the different parts of the autonomous transport system began. With technical analysis, Huld’s experts clarified, among other things, the dimensioning basis of the system. Thus, the aim was to ensure that the new product is not only technically functional, but also complies with the quality and safety requirements set for heavy machinery.  

With the help of technical analysis, we determined for example the power of the required traction motors and the size of the battery pack. To do this, we utilized the driving profiles that describe the assumed driving cycle of the system. This ensures that the system and battery pack fill a certain amount of power to operate in conditions of high altitude differences.” – Heikki Malinen, Project Manager, Huld. 


Revolutionizing Heavy Machinery with Electrification

The project progressed in seamless cooperation with Sleipner Finland from an idea to a robust concept in less than three months. As a result of the cooperation, the concept, carefully developed with different perspectives in mind, created a reliable foundation for the further design and productization of the transport system. Sleipner Finland has planned the first fully electric and autonomous transport systems to be delivered in 2026.  

Sleipner Finland’s completely new product has all the prerequisites to revolutionise the world of heavy machinery and strengthen the direction of responsible product development in the future. It has been and will continue to be Huld’s privilege to be involved in developing smart, safe and sustainable solutions for demanding conditions.” –Jasperi Kuikka, Key Account Manager, Huld. 

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