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Huld’s CyberSafety-concept uniquely redefines the way cyber security and functional safety are defined and executed simultaneously in safety and mission critical projects.

CyberSafety is a combination between digital and functional safety

Our society is made of cyber-physical environments. In other words, the digital and physical aspects of the reality surrounding us are increasingly often making up just one functional entity. Machines and devices, for example, are nowadays steered by software and automation. Consequently, both digital and functional safety risks are more and more interlocked – sometimes they even reinforce one another as far as risk management is concerned.

With our integrated CyberSafety approach, it is possible to simultaneously identify and reduce the cyber threats to your organization, systems or other property. This new approach ensures a more comprehensive picture of risk reduction and enables commercial savings.

Our CyberSafety Concept for cyber safety includes:

  • Shared management of both digital and functional safety
  • Shared risk analysis methods and processed for both digital and functional safety
  • Shared expertise in standardization of both digital and functional safety, such as:
  • IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 5012X
  • ISO 27001, IEC 62443, TS 50701

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Our CyberSafety management service provides support in defining and documenting functional safety and cyber security contents for safety-critical systems, from concept level to detailed technical level. CyberSafety management is conducted according to Functional Safety Lifecycle phases, where we ensure all activities are defined and appropriate requirements are realized in a product or process necessary in achieving the required levels of Safety Integrity (SIL) and cyber security.

As a CyberSafety manager, our team leads the creation of CyberSafety plan for safety-critical system and manage the activities in CyberSafety development.

Where we are good at:

  • Holistic risk assessment of safety hazards and security threats
  • Combined expertise in functional safety and cyber security standards
  • Technical understanding of safety-critical industrial systems

Our CyberSafety assessments ensure that all the activities and documentation for the particular safety and security lifecycle phases have been completed as per requirements. CyberSafety assessment can be conducted for a customer who has separate safety and security development lifecycles. Our integrated assessment model helps the customer to gain holistic view of the current maturity of safety and security posture, and to start taking the steps towards integrated CyberSafety approach in development activities.

CyberSafety assessment services cover safety/security management, product development security and Technical security and safety. The assessments are conducted against all the relevant safety and security standards such as IEC 61508, EN 5012X, ISO 26262, ISO 13849, IEC 62443 and ISO 27001.

Where we are good at:

  • Integrated and standard-based safety and security assessment frameworks
  • Joint safety and security assessment methodologies and work practices

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Tarmo Kellomäki

Director, Digital Security & Functional Safety
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Tarmo Kellomäki

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