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Business and Strategy Design

With business design methodes we make sure the final service or the product will meet the needs of your business but more importantly the needs of end users who will determine the success of the new innovation.

It’s all about making it clear, why we should design and develop a new service or a product?

As the world changes, the competition to react to the change intensifies. When everyone wants to win the race, the importance of speed in business-oriented technology and product development is emphasized.

We will listen to your ideas, clarify your needs, and challenge you to think from outside the box. Our mission is to ask also the hard questions and provide for you our insights, expertise, experience, and new perspectives on developing your business.

Huld’s Business Design operating models meet the demand for speed with the tools and methods we have used and created together with our customers. The methods we use are based on design thinking.

Business design generates success stories

At the heart of many business success stories is the growing demand for creation of new ideas and implementation of the digital services with physical products that realize them. When we apply design thinking to create business success stories, we are talking about business design.

In our Business Design approach, design is based on end-user requirements. This enables us to produce meaningful and desirable innovations which users want to use. Understanding you as our customer and your business is central for our Business Design and contributes to short design-to-market time for both products and services. Many times both customers’ needs and the solutions available become very demanding and complex, our Business Design approach ensures that the right resources are allocated to service design and product concept design phases.

Huld Business Design operating model ensures:

  • Innovative and cost-effective product and service solutions
  • Design results that meets the objectives
  • Short design-to-product-marketing time
  • Projects that hold their timetables and budget
  • Resources for complex solution design

Huld’s Design Puzzle is easy way to get started

The core components of innovative design process are:  Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. Huld’s Design Puzzle helps us to innovate new products and services following the these stages together with our customers.

Design Puzzle can be used for tangible products as well as digital applications, processes, and services. We will make sure the merge of the physical and digital worlds are taken into notice and how it affects the needs of the new solutions. The result is a clarified big picture and a tested idea that is a solution for business needs.

During the Huld Puzzle we will:

  • Clarify the starting point by mapping everything we know
  • List aal the use cases
  • Clarify and visualize the target and opportunities
  • Refine targets and business opportunities
  • Write down the functional and technical description and realization of the idea
  • Test the acceptance of the idea and user experience

After Huld Puzzle, we can continue to Huld Garage method.

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Digital Services and Software

Digital Innovation is born when technology, business viability and human desirability meet.

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Product Design and Development

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Embedded Solutions

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