What we do

Business and Strategy Design

With business design methodes we make sure the final service or the product will meet the needs of your business but more importantly the needs of end users who will determine the success of the new innovation.

It’s all about making it clear, why we should design and develop a new service or a product?

As the world changes, the competition to react to the change intensifies. When everyone wants to win the race, the importance of speed in business-oriented technology and product development is emphasized.

We will listen to your ideas, clarify your needs, and challenge you to think from outside the box. Our mission is to ask also the hard questions and provide for you our insights, expertise, experience, and new perspectives on developing your business.

Huld’s Business Design operating models meet the demand for speed with the tools and methods we have used and created together with our customers. The methods we use are based on design thinking.

Success stories


Kattokeskus Trusts Huld in Developing Digital Service Business


User-centred web development created Lomaunelmia webservice in record time


Creating efficiency in Cimcorp business processes with customized design automation

VR FleetCare

VR FleetCare: Top Results with Knowledge Management

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From Data Analytics to Data Management

From Data Analytics to Data Management

Data analytics goes hand in hand with data management. With data analytics, we developed a solution for predictive maintenance of railway infrastructure with our client VR FleetCare. Together, data analytics and data management open doors to new business opportunities.

Data Analytics and Prediction

Data Analytics and Prediction

Gathering data has become easier and more effortless than before. The benefits of data are multiple: it allows you to find more efficient solutions and make smarter choices. Together with VR FleetCare, we developed a solution for proactive maintenance of railway infrastructure with data analytics.