Danfoss uses a new way to secure remote access to physical devices through DeviceVault

“Due to the pandemic, reduced availability of electronics, and increased costs, we set out to seek new innovations in our product development. Developed by Huld’s subsidiary Devatus, DeviceVault ensures the availability of our equipment for product development project personnel, so we get the products to market faster. This service brings measurable added value to our projects.” – Mika Korpela, Partner Manager, Danfoss Drives.

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Danfoss designs and delivers smart and energy-efficient solutions and services for cooling, heating and energy to create a more sustainable world. Quality, reliability, and innovation are the cornerstones of Danfoss’ operations. 

Physical devices play a key role in software development and project work at Danfoss. The limited availability and fixed location of the devices restrict their use. As a solution, Danfoss delivered the necessary equipment directly to the developers or arranged remote access to the devices, either in remote desktop sessions or simulations. 

The challenge with remote desktop sessions was that the device could not be reserved for individual use. Software developers working in the same network were able to use a certain device at the same time, which may have affected the test results and security. The simulations, on the other hand, did not fully correspond to the actual devices. 

DeviceVault for secure remote use 

Danfoss set itself the goal of further streamlining its software development to provide even better services to its customers. Danfoss chose Devatus, a subsidiary of Huld, as its partner. During their successful history of cooperation, the partners have challenged each other and created better solutions together. 

Together, Devatus and Danfoss are considering the product development challenges of bringing an increasingly dynamic range of equipment to market. Devatus recognized that DeviceVault would meet Danfoss’ needs perfectly. DeviceVault is a service developed by Devatus that brings clear added value to software development by making physical devices available to all stakeholders in an agile and secure manner, no matter where the devices and teams are in the world. 

A solution to resource shortages 

Danfoss implemented DeviceVault for its software development project. As the number of physical devices, device labs, and teams using the service grows, the benefits of remote access grow. 

Sharing one physical device with multiple users supports smarter resource use. The prevailing shortage of components limits the availability of physical devices: the maximized remote operation of one device saves the resources of both the company and the planet. 

“In software development, testing is vital to ensure that the software works as intended. DeviceVault enables testing and versatile utilization of device variants at an early stage of software development. When physical devices are available to teams in a location independent, agile, and secure manner, a higher-quality end product can be achieved at a lower cost.” Juha Syrjälä, Product Manager, Huld’s subsidiary Devatus.