Packaging design harmonizes iLOQ’s product packages and logistics

“Packaging design is an important part of our holistic 360° approach to sustainability. When we needed a partner for optimizing our packaging design, we knew who to call. We have a long history of successful collaboration with Huld.” – Anne-Mari Kansanoja, Section Manager, Logistics.

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iLOQ is a pioneer in digital locking and NFC-enabled mobile access management solutions. Their battery-free solutions are both safe and sustainable, enabling reliable daily access to buildings.

iLOQ has a diverse product portfolio in digital locking solutions. To simplify the work of iLOQ’s packaging department and, at the same time, save the world’s resources, iLOQ set out to harmonize their packaging design. iLOQ chose Huld as their partner with whom they have a long history of cooperation.

From preliminary design to prototypes

The work started with Huld’s packaging designer visiting iLOQ logistics center to carry out a preliminary survey to identify our products and the differences between them. Huld explored how existing packaging could be utilized and how plastic use could be reduced.

Annual volumes and the most produced variants guided the selection process. A thorough analysis of the requirements enabled packaging design to be focused on exactly the right areas. Already in the preliminary study, solutions were found that were easy to implement.

Different concepts were created, from which the best were chosen as a basis for structural drawings and prototypes to test out the packaging design. Project communications flowed in weekly meetings, and only two prototyping rounds were needed. Small changes and sizing adjustments were quickly made. When new needs were discovered during the packaging design process, they were fluently added into the project.

“As a manufacturer-independent body, we came up with packaging design ideas freely, drawing on the strengths of the different sectors of the packaging industry. For example, manufacturers’ material recommendations depend on what the company itself offers. We are free to recommend solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs, without any strings attached.”Lauri Lindqvist, Competence Lead, Huld.

Packaging design to support logistics

By combining Huld’s packaging design expertise with iLOQ’s in-house product knowledge, the packaging design was harmonized. Many variations of the iLOQ product family were adapted to the same packaging size. Products of different sizes and shapes were made to fit in the same space with different interiors.

The same packaging size simplified production and streamlined packaging, as different products no longer required different-sized packaging. At the same time, the plastic used for packaging was replaced by bioplastics.

“With hundreds of product variations, the value of a uniform packaging design is even greater. As the number of packaging varieties decreases, so do the costs and environmental impact. Harmonized packaging design is already having a positive influence on our day-to-day work and on the environment.”Anne-Mari Kansanoja, Section Manager, Logistics.