Product Design and Development

Technical Documentation

Professional technical documentation is part of any risk-management process. We can provide you with a structured documentation environment and modern documentation process – no tool investment is required.

Utilizing technical documentation as an outsourced service is beneficial for the your business. It adds value, improves positive user experience, and enhances your brand consistency. Here are some specialities we can help you with:

  • Supporting your business by managing the documentation for you
  • Providing flexible and transparent service
  • Providing added services by collaborating with partners, e.g., translation
  • Providing high-quality documentation for your end users
  • Structured documentation, publications & maintenance
  • Illustration
  • Method development

Structured Technical Documentation 

In structured technical documentation, we divide the content into modules or elements that can be reused between publications and across product portfolios. Furthermore, it enables creating multiple outputs from the same content, such as PDF manuals or webhelp pages. By structured documentation, we can also facilitate the maintenance of end-user documentation and support your localization.

Visual Design 

Visual design is an important part of end user technical documentation. With informative illustrations, we can make it easier for the end user to implement a new product and see to its maintenance. With visual design we can help you improve the quality of user instructions and therefore reduce customer complaints. Visual design is especially important for branding, as one of its key functions is to ensure brand consistency in illustrated instructions and product packaging.  

Method Development 

Method development refers to the research and analysis process that focuses on creating new working methods or improving existing ones. With method development, we can help you find the best practices for conducting a task efficiently, safely, and reliably. Method development includes e.g., designing maintenance and installation methods, risk assessment, and validating methods through real-life simulation. Method development enhances the user-friendliness of your products and provides cost-efficient solutions.  

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