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Quality Assurance & Testing

From safety-critical quality assurance to unleashing excellence across diverse industrial horizons, discover the assurance your digital endeavors deserve.

We bring rigorous standards and expertise to safeguard your safety-critical systems in a spectrum of industrial solutions. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, ensuring your projects thrive with precision, reliability, and cutting-edge quality assurance.


For your software to meet all needed requirements and standards, quality assurance ensures software dependability and test automation guarantees consistent and repeatable testing for reliability in every iteration.

Speed to Market

Test automation accelerates your software’s speed to market by streamlining and optimizing your development and testing processes. This provides quicker feedback loops and in turn shorter development timelines and faster product delivery.

Cost Efficiency

Test automation identifies and addresses defects early in the development process so you can avoid costly post-release fixes. Your overall productivity will also increase with reduced use of time, resources and manual intervention.

Comprehensive Testing

Test automation involves a systematic and thorough examination and extensive test coverage to ensure your software’s compliance, reliability and quality under various conditions.


Standardized processes and automated tests deliver consistent and repeatable results. This eliminates human error and maintains the integrity and reliability of your software.

Efficient Resource Use

Automating repetitive and time consuming tasks enables your team to focus on what they do best: cutting edge software development and innovation.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in safety-critical solutions, excel in industrial environments, and thrive in complex projects. Unlike typical quality assurance houses, we offer more than the usual.

From rigorous testing and test automation to seamless CI/CD and DevOps, we go beyond, ensuring the highest standards of reliability and security.

Elevate your projects with a partner that excels where others fall short.

What We Offer

Testing & Test Automation

  • Test automation framework design and setup.
  • Test specifications, creating test cases, developing and executing test scripts, preparing test reports.
  • Quality monitoring.
  • Defect management.

Test Management

  • Organizing the validation and verification activities in software development life cycles.
  • Leading quality assurance testing teams and acquire and assigning the adequate resources to the tasks.

Test Strategy

  • Taking charge of developing testing strategy, plans and overall documentation relevant to validation.

DevOps & CI/CD

  • Setting up the tools and practices to automate and integrate the processes between validation and software development.
  • Setting up and managing cloud-based infrastructure.

Security Testing

  • Cloud security.
  • Embedded and software cyber security.
  • Cyber safety development.
  • And much more.

Safety Critical Systems

  • Testing to ensure a functional and safe product:
  • Test system design and setup.
  • Test automation.
  • Test specifics and implementation.

Remote Testing of Physical Devices – DeviceVault

In addition to our top tier quality assurance services, we have a competitive advantage totally unique to the field: DeviceVault.

DeviceVault is a continuously accessible cloud platform for testing your applications against multiple hardware and software variants​ without having to send physical devices anywhere.

​This means that your physical device can be tested remotely, no matter where your software developers are located at.

Interested? Read more here.

Success stories


Huld to validate the software of MDA’s Canadarm3 robotic system


ABB and Devatus looking into the potential of DeviceVault in remote access of physical devices


Danfoss uses a new way to secure remote access to physical devices through DeviceVault

Thales Alenia Space France

Huld’s software will control the PLATO space telescope searching for habitable worlds

Airbus Defence and Space

Huld ensured the quality of the software on board the new Sentinel-6 satellite to help predict rises in sea levels

Bepicolombo Mission

Bepicolombo Mission: Huld is participating in ESA’s mission to Mercury

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