Renewing Glaston’s Tempering Line with Huld’s Design Expertise

”Huld’s design specialists had appropriate skills to design safe and functional technologies, and a common vision of the end result formed quickly. Huld’s experts were also able to share their expertise in the extension phases of the project, such as packaging design and technical documentation.” – Jukka Vehmas, Senior Adviser, Glaston. 

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Glaston is the most well-known manufacturer of glass tempering machines on the market. Glaston supplies machinery, technology and related services for glass heat treatment, insulating glass manufacturing, and automotive and display glass processing. In collaboration with Glaston, Huld’s design specialists designed a new appearance, packaging and technical documentation for a flat glass tempering line. As a result of the collaboration, the machine became easier to use, install, and maintain.  

Glaston wanted to improve the enclosures of the flat tempering line so that it would be easy, fast, and cost-effective to install and use them. The product design focused particularly on adaptability and the possibility to fit the product into different spaces and onto different surfaces. As a result, a finished concept for the enclosures of the melting end and the new appearance was created, with state-of-the-art automation and reliability.  

Usability and Safety as Keystones of the Design Work 

In the early stages of the collaboration, a common vision of the result was created. Firstly, the modular structure of the enclosures enables adaptability to meet different needs and facilitate possible improvements in the future. Additionally, quick installability and usability have been the keystones of the design work, making sure that the product is user-friendly and cost-effective. At the same, the design and the visual look are strongly consistent with Glaston’s own brand.  

”In addition to adaptability, safety was a key aspect in designing the product. When it comes to large machines and their enclosures, it is crucial that it is safe for the installers to remove the packaging and install the product.” – Iiro Laaksonen, Competence lead, Huld. 

High-Quality Packaging Design and Technical Documentation  

The goal for continuing the collaboration with packaging design and technical documentation was to build a clear and simple process. This makes sure that the enclosures are unpacked and installed in the correct order. Thanks to fast installation, the tempering line can be started quickly, which has a positive effect on the entire manufacturing process. In addition, clear instructions allow installation supervisors to concentrate on making sure that the line is functioning properly and producing high-quality tempered glass.  

As a result of the collaboration, our product design experts created a concept that Glaston can use for different needs from now on. In the future, Glaston will extend the manufacturing enclosures to, for example, different oven sizes, while providing alternatives for different types of handedness. This emphasizes the main goal of the design work, which was to make sure that the concept for the product design is customizable and suitable for different environments.  

”The collaboration was very smooth. Huld’s experts familiarized themselves with our products quickly and independently, and the final goal was clear during the entire collaboration.” Jukka Vehmas, Senior Adviser, Glaston.