Kattokeskus Trusts Huld in Developing Digital Service Business

“Huld’s team showed strong expertise and commitment throughout the project. They had a deep understanding of our business needs and were able to apply digital solutions to support these needs. The cooperation was seamless and efficient from start to finish.” – Samuli Riihimäki, Quality and Development Director, Kattokeskus. 

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Kattokeskus is a family-owned company founded in 1997. They carry out roof renovations and maintenance as well as solar panel installations. The roots of Kattokeskus lie in traditional Finnish carpentry and tinsmithing skills. Today, these are combined with modern working methods, cherishing high quality and utilising new innovations in the field for the benefit of customers. 

The goal of Kattokeskus was to develop digital service business to improve the customer experience. Huld’s experts offered strategic support for this, combining service design and technology knowledge.  

Digital Service Business is the Key to Differentiation 

Kattokeskus wanted to stand out in a fairly traditional and highly competitive industry. They had already taken the first steps in digitalization, but now they wanted to take full advantage of the opportunities it offers.  

The key to the cooperation was to get closer to customers through digital solutions. Consumers are used to digital channels in their everyday lives, so Kattokeskus needed a plan to serve their customers in a timely manner. In addition, Kattokeskus wanted to utilise knowledge management to improve the efficiency of their operations and differentiate themselves from competitors in the industry. 

“Our collaboration project with Huld was an excellent experience that showed the potential of digitalization in developing our business. The purpose of the project was to find out how digital solutions can support Kattokeskus in achieving our strategic goals in the future.” Samuli Riihimäki, Quality and Development Director, Kattokeskus.  


From Identifying Needs to a Concrete Plan 

At the beginning of the project, we examined the current situation, challenges and opportunities of Kattokeskus. Their own strategy was complemented by, for example, identifying stakeholders and ecosystems. The framework of the development project was based on Design Thinking -methods and iterative work, using three principles:

  1. Market suction 
  2. Technical feasibility 
  3. Business potential 

Kattokeskus engaged their own personnel from various functions to brainstorming workshops. The workshops discussed various digitalisation methods and considered the most suitable ways to utilize them in the company’s operations. 

Roadmap for Digitalisation 

The Design Puzzle development project resulted in Kattokeskus’ digitalisation roadmap, prioritisation matrix, detailed action table and final report. These enabled Kattokeskus to continue developing their business further. 

“The project gave us concrete suggestions and ideas that we believe will be significant for our business in the future. With digitalization, we are able to improve the efficiency of our operations, speed up communication and improve the customer experience. Huld’s innovative solutions and professional approach were key to this project.” Samuli Riihimäki, Quality and Development Director, Kattokeskus.