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With Service Design we help you desig solutions and user experience that meet with the desire and needs of your customer. Our Service Design approach is a holistic way to develop products and services in a customer-oriented way.

Our Service Design approach is a holistic way to develop products and services in a customer-oriented way. Understanding the customers, stakeholders, business and technology are all at the center of our doing to create meaningful and valuable services. Service design methodologies can be used to gain valuable customer understanding, discover new business and service opportunities, develop and iterate existing offering and create strategic advantage in the market by developing the user experience.

What is Service Design?

For the end-user, even a product can be considered a service. Think of a mobile app to reserve a hotel room: even though the mobile app is a product, for the end-user it is a way to complete a task, that is, reserving a hotel room. Service Design is designing solutions and user experience that meet with the desire and needs of the customer using a user-centric design methodology.

It’s cheaper to fix the error before the development is done

During the Service Design process we explore the feasibility and viability of the concept from technical, business and end-user point-of-view. This helps to pinpoint crucial errors at the start and to focus on the features that add value to the customer and shorten the design-to-market time for both products and services.

Involving all relevant stakeholders ensures multi-perspective approach

We focus on expanding the ideation beyond one department and collecting ideas and feedback from different circles. By doing that we avoid seeing things from only one point of view.

Placing the end-user at the center ensures superb user experience

We base our solutions on end-user requirements. This enables us to produce meaningful and desirable innovations which users want to use. When we focus on the customer’s perspective from the start, we ensure that the end product is desirable and valuable for the end-user.

Understanding the big picture

Often the customers’ needs and solution available are vague and complex at the beginning. Service Design facilitates the process from complexity to simplicity, producing actionable requirements and features that can be taken to further testing and prototyping.

Six-Week Service Design Process

Our Design Puzzle process will provide you with clear targets and business opportunities, a precise functional and technical description, and a proven acceptance and user experience of the idea. Even though the duration of the design process is typically no longer than six weeks, it will provide you enough clarity to be ready to move on to the PoC/prototyping phase with reduced risk and uncertainty.

Huld Service Design approach can help you when:

  • You are developing a new product/service (tangible or digital)
  • You want to re-shape your internal processes
  • Your design of a product/service should be updated
  • You want to enhance your user experience

Huld Service Design approach ensures:

  • Innovative and cost-effective product and service solutions
  • Design results that meet the objectives
  • Short design-to-product-marketing time
  • Projects that hold their timetables and budget
  • Resources for complex solution design

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